200 Best Ice Pop Recipes is Packed with Ideas for Summer Refreshment

200 best ice popsWith the temperature finally warming, my boys and I are in the mood to enjoy all the pleasures of summer. Recently I received the new cookbook 200 Best Ice Pop Recipes from Robert Rose Inc. and whipping up one of the recipes promised to be the perfect way to enjoy the nice weather.

The recipes in this book range from the simple to the exotic and the best part is the recipes contain much healthier ingredients than any ice pop I could find in the store. I’m looking forward to trying some of the fancier recipes over the summer but since the boys were eager for a treat, I decided to whip up the incredibly simple Grape Lemonade Ice Pops first. With just three ingredients, water, lemon juice and grape jam, they were such an easy snack to make!

The beautiful thing about this recipe is that it can basically be used with any flavour of jam, including homemade jam, to create ice pops with different flavours. My boys absolutely love my homemade plum jam made with the tart wild plums that grown in our backyard, so I used that jam for this recipe. The pops were quick to make and both boys absolutely loved them. And I loved the pretty pink colour of the pops; they looked so fresh and summery!

plum lemonade ice pops

200 Best Ice Pop Recipes also has recipes for other kid-friendly ice pops including Cherry Soda Ice Pops and Fudge Ice Pops as well as trendy adult-only recipes such as White Russian Ice Pops and tasty exotic variations including Sweet Peanut Ice Pops. There will be no shortage of refreshment in our house with this fun recipe book on hand! 200 Best Ice Pop Recipes is available at bookstores across Canada, so check out the selection for yourself and whip up a refreshing treat for your family this summer!

mommy kat and kids RP

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    1. Me NEITHER!! But wow, does it ever work well! And it’s nice because when I’m the one that made the jam, I know it’s just fruit and sugar and pectin and nothing else going into the pops. So clever!

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