Outfitting Two Children for Summer at Walmart Canada #WalmartFrugalHeroes

Today Walmart Canada asked shoppers across the country to take part in a frugal shopping challenge and I was very excited when I was asked to be a part of it. What made this campaign so fun was that I got to choose from an assortment of challenges to find the one that best fit my family. I was very tempted to attempt to redecorate a room in my home for $100 since I’ve been doing a lot of spring cleaning lately, but with our trip to Disneyland just a few weeks away, I decided to undertake the challenge of outfitting two children for summer for $100.

I’ve mentioned before that when it comes to clothes, my boys are not the type of kids that will just wear whatever they have. They love clothes, recognize stylish clothes and like to be involved in the shopping experience whenever possible. So I took the two of them into the store so that they could help me choose their summer wardrobe.

boys summer wardrobe walmart

Now of course, both boys quickly found t-shirts featuring some of their favourite video game and television characters and I had a quick frenzied few minutes going through the shirts, finding the sizes that they needed and convincing them to moderate themselves a bit. I found an adorable two-piece t-shirt and shorts set for Benjamin featuring Monster Jam trucks and one for Zackary with Lego Ninjago characters, both just $10 each! And I also managed to find some dressier shorts that I know will look so good with the boys’ button-up shirts and fedoras when we’re on vacation next month.

The final purchase was a pair of swim trunks for each child and I have to admit that it wasn’t something we actually needed. But Walmart had so many cute choices for boys that I couldn’t resist getting my sons each a new suit! When we headed up to pay, I did a quick count of the items in the basket and noticed that we were about six dollars below the $100 limit, so I gave into temptation and grabbed a large white sunhat for myself. After all, even when the challenge is outfitting children for summer, us moms deserve a fun little wardrobe addition too!

walmart frugal heroes receipt

The final amount of my purchases? $98.95! And both boys were absolutely giddy about their new clothes. In fact, they wanted to stay up and try on every outfit when we got home, but it was already past their bedtime so I told them they could wear one of their new shirts tomorrow. I am so impressed with how much clothing I was able to buy for under $100 and I can’t wait to pack it all up ready for our trip! If you need to outfit your children for the summer too, you may just want to head to Walmart and see for yourself how far $100 can go!

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  1. I saw these and thought for sure your boys would love them. Amazing how far you stretched the dollar on this challenge; awesome job! I’m sure your boys were super excited.

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