A Clean and Happy Baby Helps Make a Happy Family

I recently had the joy of bringing home my third baby girl. Having a newborn in the home is such a wonderful and exciting time. The whole family is eager to participate in her care routine and I love all the help! My older daughters both like making sure that their new baby sister has everything she needs to be comfortable. And one of the most important things we do to keep our little girl happy is to keep her clean and protect her delicate newborn skin.

Of course bath time is important for a full body wash and excellent for family bonding too, but my favourite part is wrapping my freshly cleaned baby in a soft hooded towel after her wash. There’s just nothing cuter than a damp little baby all bundled up with that hood to dry and warm her head. I love the hooded towels from Bebe au Lait because they’re nice and big to keep my new baby warm and come in a variety of cute designer fabrics.

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I also make sure to protect my baby’s skin from drying with a gentle baby moisturizer. I always choose one that is free of dyes and perfumes to avoid a sensitivity reaction. My oldest daughter and I both have eczema so I prefer to choose the mildest skincare products possible just in case my newborn is prone to allergies as well.

The diaper area also needs special attention in order to stay clean and protected from rash or sensitivities. I have found that Huggies Triple Clean Wipes work wonderfully to clean a dirty bottom. They are soft enough not to irritate her delicate skin, yet so durable that I really only need one or two for even the dirtiest diaper change. I especially like the thick, mess-grabbing layers that help me get my baby cleaned up quickly so I can get back to cuddling with her.

Babies may not be able to tell us what they need to feel better, but I know that keeping my daughter clean, soft and dry is one thing I can do to ensure that she is happy. She depends on me to protect her and that includes her delicate newborn skin. Keeping my baby clean helps to keep her happy and with a family of five, we all appreciate that!

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