Master Lock Magnum Padlocks and Python Cable Lock Help Protect Your Family’s Belongings for National Safety Month

June is National Safety Month and when it comes to keeping your family’s favourite possessions safe, Master Lock has a huge range of products to help! This month, as a member of the Master Lock Live Secure Safety Squad, I had the chance to review a few new Master Lock products perfect for any family.

I received two Master Lock Magnum padlocks and the Master Lock Python cable lock to review. I tested out the M115XDLF padlock first. The Magnum padlocks are designed to be the absolute toughest padlocks available and exceed professional grade standards for outdoor applications. This weather resistant padlock was no exception. I decided to use it to secure our back garage door since it doesn’t have a locking knob. The lock was the perfect choice since it has moisture seals and a covered keyway for maximum weather protection as well as a Rust-Oleum no-rust guarantee.

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The M5XKADLF padlock had the same rough and tough body without the added protection against moisture and the outdoor elements, but it still featured a rustproof stainless steel body and an octagonal Tough Cut shackle for maximum protection. I decided to save this lock for securing valuables when we head out on our yearly camping trip. The rugged design is sure to keep our possessions safe!

My favourite product was definitely the Master Lock Python adjustable cable lock, though. This clever cable lock features a six-foot adjustable design that can be shortened or lengthened to secure virtually anything within reach. This cable lock is useful for everything from locking bikes to a trailer on vacation to attaching a barbeque to the deck for extra security. Personally, I liked having the cable lock in the outside porch so that I could quickly grab it whenever I needed a versatile lock. It was perfect for securing some of our larger items in the back yard when we went on vacation!

As well as being fabulous products for National Safety Month, the Master Lock Magnum padlocks and Python cable lock would make a great gift for Dad with Father’s Day fast approaching. Whether the man in your life needs to secure his toolbox or keep that barbeque safe, Master Lock has a product that can help!

I love the wide range of products that Master Lock has available to help keep my family and our possessions safe and secure, and I especially love the professional-level durability that so many of the locks feature. Check out the collection of Master Lock security devices for yourself and find the ones best suited to your family for peace of mind during National Safety Month and all year long!

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  1. Normally I wouldn’t be that excited about locks. I mean a lock is a lock is a lock. However, that Python lock is pretty cool. It’s certainly a product for me.

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