Get a Custom Swimsuit Made for Movement with Nayad Aqua Sportswear

I have a larger chest and after six solid years of pregnancy and breastfeeding, I’ve found that I need the bras and swimwear I buy to be fairly supportive if I want to do anything more strenuous than stretch out in the sun. I’m not a very sedate person so a swimsuit that can let me run after my boys, dive into the lake and still look and feel great is exactly what I look for when shopping.

Recently, Nayad Aqua Sportswear contacted me about reviewing their line of athletic swimwear and it looked like it might be the ideal choice for a busy, active mom. The wonderful thing about shopping at Nayad is that every piece is custom-fitted to your exact specifications. You choose the material, enter your measurements and decide on the styles that best fit your needs. There’s even a section to add any specific details that might result in a better fit!

I took my measurements, chose the style and fabric I wanted and sent away my info. A few weeks later, my custom-made swimsuit arrived and I pulled it out to try it on. I decided on the V Band Brief bottoms because the description stated that the soft, wide waistband would eliminate any pinching and bulging. To my extreme delight, the claims were completely true. I loved the way the bottoms hugged my curves without digging into my skin at all.

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I had decided to pair the bottoms with the Cross Over V Front Aqua Sports Bra. When first putting it on, I actually found it a little tight. It did have great support thanks to the wide bottom band and thick crossed back straps, but the top of the cups dug into my chest a little bit creating some bulging. I mentioned the issue to the company and was told that occasionally the material, being new, might need to be worn in a bit to get it fitting just right. To be on the safe side, however, I would personally suggest that larger-chested women order a cup size higher to ensure that the suit fits properly.

Overall, I liked the support and style of the Nayad Aqua Sportswear swimsuit. I still am not able to wear the top out in public but I love the bottoms and had the top been just a little larger (or perhaps had I ordered a style with more coverage), I’m sure I could have worn it for swimming, exercising and everything in between. As is, I think it will still work for more sedate activities and hopefully will stretch out to fit properly over time.

The concept of this swimwear is such a useful one and with styles ranging from shorts and skirts to tops and sports bras, you’re sure to find just the swimsuit you need to fit your style and activity level perfectly. Check out the line for yourself and get a custom swimsuit that’s designed just for your needs!

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  1. I love the swim suits. I have the opposite problem of you. After 3 kids I have lost everything. These suits look like they would every body type look good.

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