New Clorox Smart Tube® Technology Means You Won’t Waste a Drop of Your Cleaner

I do not like wasting anything. I’m not obsessively frugal in other ways but seeing food, paper, or anything else wasted is like seeing money being thrown away to me. Money that could pay for a movie night out with my boys or maybe a fun vacation down the road. So I love finding products that understand that feeling and work to find ways for me to waste less.

clorox all purpose cleaner

Recently, Clorox debuted a newly redesigned spray bottle featuring a special Smart Tube® technology that ensures every drop of the cleaner can be used. I know I’m not the only one that tips an almost-empty cleaning bottle back and forth trying to get every bit of the cleaner out and I couldn’t wait to see how the technology works.

I received a special kit to test out the system that included a full bottle of Clorox All-Purpose Cleaner, an empty spray bottle and a tiny container that I could fill and dump into the empty bottle to simulate that bit of cleaner that’s often left when a spray bottle runs out. I have to admit, seeing that tiny amount of cleaner I couldn’t help but be a little skeptical that I would be able to spray it all out easily. But I soon realized just how simple and clever the Smart Tube® technology truly is.

clorox smart tube technology review kit

Essentially, instead of a traditional bottle containing a tube that is attached to the spray nozzle and hangs down in the middle of the bottle, the Clorox spray bottle has the tube built right into the front of the bottle. The nozzle head has just a short hose that locks into place at the top of the tube. So to spray that last bit of All-Purpose Cleaner, all I had to do was tip the bottle forward!

The Smart Tube® technology is my hands-down favourite feature of the bottle, but it’s only one of the things that makes this redesigned spray bottle so fantastic. The ergonomic handle is another big plus for me and I loved the easy-to-read nozzle that could tell me at a glance if the spray was off. And the Smart Tube® technology ensured a consistent, even spray that made it easy to get just the right amount of cleaner every time.

clorox smart tube technology

Clorox is currently offering a printable $1 Off Coupon for any cleaner featuring the new Smart Tube® technology. And if you’ve got some spring cleaning in your future, make sure to head over to the website to enter for your chance to win a Clorox Spring Cleaning Prize Pack worth $200! Containing a one-year supply of Clorox cleaning products, assorted brushes, sponges and cleaning supplies and a $100 Life Experiences gift card, it has everything you need to make your spring cleaning easier! The giveaway ends May 6, so hurry and enter today!

I love the way that the new Clorox Smart Tube® technology lets me use every bit of my cleaner easily and the new bottle overall has a design that is comfortable and easy to use to make spring cleaning a little quicker and more enjoyable. Give it a try and see what you think of the new bottle that helps you make sure that you don’t waste a drop!


15 thoughts on “New Clorox Smart Tube® Technology Means You Won’t Waste a Drop of Your Cleaner”

  1. The idea was genius – implementation pure stupidity.
    Search the net – huge fail.
    I will never by a product made by the Clorox company again after my disastrous expensive experience with this stupid idea.

  2. Barbara Cohen

    It’s so annoying and a waste of money when a little bit is left at the bottom of the container and you can’t get it out.

  3. I have been waiting for this sort of thing for SO long! I love this idea! I usually end up opening the top and pouring out the last remaining bit…but then usually spill it in the process! You can be sure i’ll be looking for this product on my store shelf. Thx for the info!

    1. I felt the same way when I saw the bottle, Sandy! It’s one of those things everyone that uses spray cleaners can instantly appreciate!

  4. Love this!! I’ll have to check this out, as I’m always trying to SQUEEZE every last drop out lol! This sounds like such a nifty little idea!

  5. Thanks for reminding me that I have to buy some more cleaning supplies! I really have to do a deep cleaning of the bathrooms, and this would fit the bill!

    1. Sigh! I have to do a deep cleaning of a lot of things, so when the cleaner runs low (and it will) at least I’ll be able to use it all up! Lol

  6. Oh wow, that is so smart!! I’m one of those tip ’til the very last drop, so can’t wait to try out this new bottle design.

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