Be Ready for Anything with the Pocket Monkey Utility Tool

Being a mom and being prepared for almost anything just naturally go hand in hand, but even a mom can get tired of lugging around a heavy purse stuffed with items for any eventuality. So what’s a parent with a desire to face the world ready to handle problems with ease to do? Get a Pocket Monkey!

pocket monkey

Aside from having a name that makes me giggle, the Pocket Monkey is the ideal portable multi-purpose tool to have on hand for a variety of situations. This thin metal device is no bigger than a credit card and just 1mm thick, so it’s perfect for slipping into a wallet. And it acts as a phone kickstand, bottle opener, letter opener, orange peeler, door latch slip, flat screwdriver, straight edge, ruler, Philips screwdriver, hex wrenches and micro screwdriver when the need arises!

My favourite function of the Pocket Monkey is the flat screwdriver. I’ve used it on a few different occasions since receiving the device and it’s so nice to not have to dig my toolbox out of the closet and find the right screwdriver for whatever little job I’m tackling. You can get your own Pocket Monkey at the Zootility Tools online store and at only $14.95, it’s well worth the price to have so many gadgets in such a tiny package. You’ll be ready for all kinds of little emergencies with a Pocket Monkey in your wallet!

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