Babies Travel in Comfort with the Mountain Buggy MB Mini and Carrycot-Giveaway

Having a new baby this spring has been wonderful.  We have spent many sunny afternoons snuggling in our backyard hammock, lying in the shade of our poplar trees and, of course, strolling the streets of our small community.  Even though this is my third child, I somehow managed to not yet invest in a good stroller.  I suppose I just borrowed from family members whose children had moved on to a different size or style at that time.  This kind of making-do was economical but it often meant my little ones were riding around in strollers that didn’t quite fit them.  So I was certainly delighted when Mountain Buggy offered me the MB Mini Stroller and Carrycot to make my newborn more comfortable on our frequent strolls.

mountain buggy mb mini carrycotThe MB mini and carrycot is ideal for a newborn because the carriage is perfectly flat so that baby can rest comfortably on her back during the stroll.  The carrycot can also be completely covered thanks to a fabric cover that snaps securely over about three quarters of the bassinet and a canopy that can be drawn above the remaining portion.  This makes for such a cozy little sleeping area that I was able to take my little one out for walks even on the more chilly or windy days with no worry about her feeling the elements.

The stroller also came with a rain cover which we were able to utilize when it suddenly began pouring on the day of our town parade.  The rain cover worked wonderfully to keep my new baby dry and my two older girls were sure happy that we didn’t have to miss the parade because of the rain!

One other great feature of this stroller is the ability to easily remove the carrycot from the frame. Four clamps are used to secure the carrycot and can be easily unfastened to take a sleeping baby from outside to inside so she can continue napping undisturbed.  We have definitely taken advantage of that feature many times already!

mb mini carrycot blackOf course the carrycot is just the infant option for the Mountain Buggy MB mini stroller, which also can be used with the standard toddler seat, so this stroller will take us right through toddler-hood with our new little one simply by switching out the carrycot for the original seat.  The stroller is also extremely lightweight and easy to manoeuvre, which is great for when the older siblings are begging for a turn to push the new baby!

To help your baby enjoy the most comfortable ride possible, Mountain Buggy is very generously offering one lucky Mommy Kat and Kids reader their own Mountain Buggy carrycot, a $165 value! To enter to win, just leave a blog comment about who would be using this carrycot if you won.

Any parent who has tried to prop their new baby up in a more upright stroller will appreciate the Mountain Buggy MB mini and carrycot. Many Canadian pediatricians recommend newborns not be in a car seat for longer than 90 minutes and since this carrycot was especially designed to meet all Canadian safety requirement, it’s a great comfortable alternative for a newborn. Now your little one can lay comfortably on a soft flat surface during your daily strolls and you can rest easy knowing she’s safe, comfortable and happy!
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107 thoughts on “Babies Travel in Comfort with the Mountain Buggy MB Mini and Carrycot-Giveaway”

  1. I would use it for my baby. I am so glad that the warmer weather is finally here, and love being able to take my daughter on walks.The Mountain Buggy looks like she would be very comfortable in there, and for longer periods.

  2. I have a close gf who just moved back to Canada from the UK with her family, is 7 months pregnant and has NO baby supplies here!

  3. stacey dempsey

    I have 2 people close to me that could use this, one is very young only 19 and she really dosent have alot of nice things and is such a young mom I think that is who I would give it too

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