Television Fans can Share, Chat and Find New Shows with the Tubetime App and Connector

Watching a favourite television show used to be a fairly solitary pleasure but with the popularity of social networks such as Facebook and Twitter, watching TV has now become a social experience and a new app called Tubetime is making connecting with friends, discovering new shows and sharing your passion for your favourite program easier than ever before.

The app debuted for the iPhone in Canada some months ago and recently became available on the Android operating system as well. The Samsung Galaxy S3 is my smartphone of choice so I was very excited to have the chance to test out the app for myself when it appeared in the Google Play store. I also received the incredibly handy Tubetime Connector that let me use my smartphone as a universal remote to control my television, satellite system, DVD player and more!

tubetime remote function
The Tubetime remote!

I loved how easy it was to set up the connector and I soon had the unit programmed with my various electronics. Then it was time to test out the Tubetime app and see how it worked! I entered my location and television programming provider, then synced my Facebook and Twitter account with the app.

tubetime channel guide
My customized Tubetime channel guide!

Immediately I could see which shows were currently playing on the various networks and read a description of each show. I also had the option of scrolling forward to view the shows that would be on in the future. And with a quick press of a button, I was able to add a program to my favourites, schedule reminders or even Tweet and post to Facebook about the episode!

tubetime popular shows
The most popular shows of the moment on Tubetime!

The Tubetime app also has some handy features for discovering new favourite shows including a Friends filter that let me see what my friends were watching and a Popular filter that highlighted the most-watched shows of the moment. It made sorting through the hundreds of options to find new programs so much easier.

But personally, my favourite feature was the Discuss tab on each show that let me view a live stream of conversation about the current program. It’s so much fun to follow along and see what everyone else is saying as the action progresses!

tubetime social stream
The discussion stream for Master Chef on Tubetime!

Of course, Tubetime then tops off all that interactive functionality with the ability to turn the television on and off, change the channels on my satellite system or power up a DVR to record a favourite program all using my smartphone. What more could any TV-watching blogger ask for? Whether you want to find a great new show to enjoy this summer, chat along with friends about your favourite must-see series or just enjoy the convenience of controlling your television and electronics with your phone, Tubetime is here to help. Check it out for yourself today!

7 thoughts on “Television Fans can Share, Chat and Find New Shows with the Tubetime App and Connector”

  1. Oh I love this and how you can connect with others that love the same shows as you. I always feel like I’m obsessed with the shows I watch, this would be nice to meet others like me, lol. I also like the fact that you can use it with your phone as a remote for your TV, how awesome is that. My hubby is going to love that!

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