Manage Your Passwords and Save Time Online with RoboForm

I absolutely love the way that the Internet has made managing my household so much easier. I am able to do almost all my business online, from renewing my licence to paying bills to shopping.

The only downside is that remembering login information on all the different websites and keeping my various accounts organized can become difficult.

roboform logoSo when RoboForm contacted me about reviewing its password management software, I couldn’t wait to start testing the program.

I had heard from friends about how effective the program was for a variety of different online uses and it sounded like the perfect solution for someone with a hundred different login credentials and no way to manage the information.

I received a full licence for the RoboForm Everywhere program to review. RoboForm offers a variety of subscription options to suit different needs including a downloadable version that can be used on a single computer for the lifetime of the device and a cloud-based yearly subscription option that can be installed on multiple devices and sync information between them.

Since I access the Internet on my laptop, desktop and phone, the Everywhere yearly cloud-based service was hands-down the one that best suited my needs.

In the first few days, I took some time to set up RoboForm with the information it needed. Every time I logged into an account, the RoboForm toolbar on my browser prompted me with a request to save the login information.

I loved the fact that the RoboForm toolbar could be installed on all the different web browsers I use and then sync information between them.

I also appreciated the fact that the RoboForm prompts popped up even when I was using a desktop application such as Windows Live Mail. Before long, all of the major accounts I use regularly were saved in my RoboForm account.

The program also features a form filler that automatically enters and submits personal information such as my name and address when prompted.

For anyone that shops or enters giveaways online, this feature is an absolute dream. I entered my name, shipping address and phone number so that I could quickly fill in my information in all kinds of different situations. Then I tested out when entering a few giveaways and setting up a new account at an online store.

roboform boxThe speed with which I was able to complete the sign-up process was absolutely fantastic and the only glitch I occasionally noticed was that the country code on my phone number (the one before my actual ten-digit number) sometimes interfered with the number being entered correctly.

But that was a quick fix and the process was still so much faster and easier than typing out all the information by hand.

RoboForm also boasts many other features including a password generator and secure storage space for all your personal information including your driver’s licence number, passport information and more.

In the three weeks I’ve been using the program, I have completely fallen in love with it and I know I’ve barely begun to discover the capabilities of the RoboForm software.

If you spend a lot of time online, why not give RoboForm a try and see how much easier managing logins and passwords can be? The program features a free version that saves up to ten different logins, so test it out and experience the convenience of RoboForm for yourself.

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