Little Pleasures Make a Regular Day Delicious!

This post is part of the and HALLS Vitamin Drops “Daily Dose of Delicious” program. HALLS Vitamin Drops has asked me to share my “Daily Dose of Delicious” with you. I received compensation as a thank you for my participation. This post reflects my personal opinion about the product, provided by the sponsors.

Between getting kids ready for school, working on my site, cooking, cleaning and running errands, my days are full to bursting with hustle and bustle. But life is meant to be enjoyed and even a busy mom can find ways to add some extra enjoyment to her day if she tries! I am a big believer that small actions have a big impact on well-being and so I never miss an opportunity to add a “Daily Dose of Delicious” to my day!

One of my favourite ways to make a regular day more delicious is with a great outfit. Jeans and a cute t-shirt are always the most sensible choice for my activity-packed days, but pairing that standard outfit with a bold, trendy necklace, neon nail polish or sparkly heels just for fun makes me feel instantly happier. And when it comes time to cook, I follow the same principle by adding extras that make me happy like splurging on fresh herbs or setting up a sundae bar for dessert.

sparkly heels halls vitamin drops daily dose delicious

Recently, and HALLS Vitamin Drops teamed up to help readers add a “Daily Dose of Delicious” to their day too! YMC Wall Candy blogger Sarah Gunn has a beautiful tutorial for a vitamin drop container that will add a little sunshine to your style and she will also be sharing tips on Twitter throughout the month. Make sure to follow the #DailyDelicious hashtag to get your “Daily Dose of Delicious.” But that’s not all! YMC and HALLS are also giving away an incredible “Daily Dose of Delicious” prize pack valued at more than $2500 and the first 300 people who enter will be eligible to receive a bag of HALLS Vitamin Drops! Make sure to check out the contest post on for full details.

All that’s really needed to turn an average busy day into a delicious one is a little creativity and whether you ditch those boring supplements for tasty new HALLS Vitamin Drops or buy yourself a pretty bouquet for the kitchen table just because to do that, adding your “Daily Dose of Delicious” doesn’t have to be hard! Think outside the box, take a few extra minutes to spoil yourself with the things you enjoy and don’t forget to follow the #DailyDelicious hashtag over the next month to discover even more ways to add a little more delicious to your day!

YMC is spreading delicious to celebrate the launch of the new line of HALLS Vitamin Drops! Known for helping to relieve cough and cold symptoms, HALLS is now helping you stay healthy with great tasting Vitamin Drops that deliver a “Daily Dose of Delicious.”

Follow Sarah Gunn on Twitter (@SarahGunnStyle) to get a new “Daily Dose of Delicious” everyday, now until July 5, 2013. Her #DailyDelicious will include beautiful pictures and quick tips from the world of design, fashion, beauty, and parenting. And if you tell YMC how you add a “Daily Dose of Delicious” to your life, you could win a $2,500 prize to help maintain a delicious lifestyle!

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  1. Love the shoes!!! And those vitamin drops look great. I’m a big fan of Halls because they seriously help when I have a cold (especially when I’m pregnant and can’t take anything else to help coughs!). Thanks for sharing. :)

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