Say Goodbye to Rewashing Clothes with the Maytag Maxima XL Steam Washer Fresh Hold Technology

Is there anything better than pulling on fresh, sweet-smelling, unwrinkled clothes? A crisp pair of linen shorts, a soft cotton t-shirt, that cute new workout top…no matter which outfits we’re wearing, my boys and I want them to look and smell great.

Unfortunately, with a hectic schedule and our old washer and dryer, that just wasn’t always possible. I had a tendency to forget clothes in the washer for hours (days) and by the time I remembered them, they smelled absolutely terrible.

So I would wash the clothes again, and even then the boys complained that their clothes smelled musty. Of course, I insisted the clothes smelled fine. I call it selective smelling.

maytag maxima xl dryer stuffies
One of the stuffies was so impressed by the Maytag Maxima XL Steam Dryer that he decided to stick around!

Then along came the Maytag Maxima XL Steam Laundry Pair and the Maytag Blogger Challenge. I learned during the first challenge that this super-duty washer and dryer had the power to handle different loads of laundry and discovered in the second challenge that the dryer was a dream for sanitizing stuffies and other hard-to-wash items.

But the third challenge was the one that I was most excited to dive into, because it tested the Fresh Hold feature, which is especially designed for those forgetful mommas that find themselves wasting water, money and time rewashing clothes that have sat too long.

clothes family maytagbloggerchallenge
Fun clothes for the whole family for the third Maytag Blogger Challenge

I received an assortment of clothing as part of this challenge along with specific instructions for washing each item. I decided to start with the linen shorts, since they are notorious for wrinkling, especially if left to sit in the washer.

As chance would have it, Zackary had spilled chocolate milk all over his linen shirt the last time he wore it, so I added that to the load as well.

The results said it all. Both pieces of clothing were essentially wrinkle-free, but even better; the chocolate milk stain was gone! Anyone that’s ever had a spill-happy child in the house knows how impressive that is!

Next in line for the washer? The boys’ cotton t-shirts. My boys have always had an eye for fashion and they were both very excited to have new t-shirts to add to their wardrobe.

They wore their new shirts immediately and of course, both shirts were soon filthy. I tossed the shirts into the washer along with five or six other cotton t-shirts and chose the Cold Water Cycle with Fresh Hold technology.

For once, I didn’t forget the shirts in the washer for too long, but even a few hours sitting in our old washer was sometimes a problem, so pulling out fresh, clean-smelling t-shirts was such a pleasure. And after a quick dry on a regular, low-heat setting, the boys had their new favourite shirts back again without me hearing a single complaint about bad odours.

boys t-shirts outside
Looking sharp in their new t-shirts, the boys question me about the mushrooms they found growing in our yard.

Then it was time to put the Maytag Maxima XL Steam Washer to the test with one last piece of clothing…my stylish new spandex workout shirt. I tossed it in at night and turned on the Overnight Wash and Dry cycle.

I had actually tried this setting before with a larger load of clothing and while the clothes were fresh-smelling the next morning, they weren’t completely dry. I was excited to try the setting again with just the shirt, especially since there’s often a single item of clothing I need in the morning that gets forgotten until late at night.

With just the shirt in the washer, the Overnight Wash and Dry cycle worked perfectly. And I was ready to start my day the next morning without having had to stay up late to put my shirt in the dryer!

kathryn lavallee boys mom fresh clothes
Fresh-smelling clothes make the whole family happy!

There are so many features I love about the Maytag Maxima XL Steam Laundry Pair but the Fresh Hold technology is definitely one of my favourites.

After years of wasting water and listening to my boys complain about the smell of clothes left in the washer too long, I can finally say goodbye to rewashing clothes forever!

mommy kat and kids RP

207 thoughts on “Say Goodbye to Rewashing Clothes with the Maytag Maxima XL Steam Washer Fresh Hold Technology”

  1. I’ve never forgotten a load of laundry; maybe been delayed in taking it out of the machine; but never forgot about it.

  2. The longest I ever forgot a load of laundry in the machine was about 18 hours, luckily everything survived the ordeal!

  3. An entire month! I had done the wash but got pulled to do an assignment by our foreign bureau. I left the home – with the clothes still sitting in the machine. By the time I got back those clothes were ruined!

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