A Special Mother’s Day Subscription Box from LittleEcoFootprint Lets Moms Unwind

Us Moms work hard and that’s why getting to relax and indulge on Mother’s Day is always such a treat. LittleEcoFootprint, the company that delivers monthly subscription boxes of eco-friendly baby products right to your door, understands that. That’s why last month the LittleEcoFootprint boxes focused exclusively on moms for a change!

I was so excited to receive my special Mother’s Day box and it was packed with fun and indulgent products picked out just for Mom. The box contained Bare Organics herbal bath salts, Elabloom facial oil, Jaydancin organic soap, a Kosuma Foods Cranberry Chocolate bar, aPeachwik Happy Mother’s Day 2013 Tree print, Wee Can Too organic Tempera paint and a beautiful My Mother Gave Me the Moon gift book by Becky Kelly.

littleecofootprint may subscription box

I devoured the Kosuma Foods Cranberry Chocolate Bar as soon as I opened the box and it was incredibly filling and decadent. I loved that it contained protein from sprouted brown rice and pumpkin seeds as well as over 50% of the recommended daily intake of iron. And I thought the idea of combining the Peachwik print and the Wee Can Too paints in one box so that kids could safely create a special handprint tree keepsake for Mom was absolutely brilliant!

My favourite item in the box was the Elabloom facial oil featuring twelve essential botanical oils including Argan oil and lavender oil. Argan oil is all the rage right now for its nourishing and replenishing properties and I have been adding a few drops of this delicious facial oil to my regular light moisturizer. The difference in my skin has been fabulous; no increased breakouts and my skin tone is brighter and healthier!

The June LittleEcoFootprint boxes ship on June 15, so make sure to sign up now so you don’t miss out! This month’s box features great products for beach time and with summer vacation just around the corner, it’s one you won’t want to miss! You’re sure to love the assortment of high-quality and eco-friendly products for moms and babies packed into every box from LittleEcoFootprint!

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  1. Oooh! That soap even looks amazing :-) I love natural soaps – something about them is just so much nicer than a bar of market soap!

    Enjoy your goodies :-)

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