Three Tips for Early Back to School Shopping with Master Lock

It may seem early to be talking about going back to school, but I am a huge believer that getting ready for the return to school right away makes it much easier to enjoy the summer. A little preparation goes a long way and tackling those back-to-school tasks right away can be incredibly satisfying! This month, my mission as a member of the Master Lock Live Secure Safety Squad was to share some tips for preparing for school to start again. Here are my top three tips for getting ready for the start of the next school season efficiently.

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1) Stock Up on Clothes

Off-season shopping is always a great way of saving money and of getting more selection, so keep your eye out for great clothes for your child’s school wardrobe all summer long. The experience of clothes shopping with a child is much more enjoyable when spread out over a few weeks instead of being packed into a hurried few days too!

2) Wait on the Basics

Don’t bother grabbing basic school supplies including pens, pencils and notebooks too soon. The items will go on sale in the coming weeks and the prices are generally so low that waiting is worthwhile. When the basic school necessities do go on sale, grab extras! Pencils, pens and erasers are a part of almost every school list, so why not stock up for next year too?

3) Protect Your Child’s Gear

Once you’ve completed all that stocking up for the school season, don’t forget to invest in a high-quality lock to keep your child’s supplies safe! I love the Master Lock dialSpeed Electronic Combination Lock because it’s easy to use, features a five-year warranty and comes with a backup master code that can be used to open the lock if your child forgets the combination!

It only takes a little bit of planning to make the entire experience of preparing for a new school year easier and more enjoyable for the entire family. So get started now and get ready to enjoy all the fun of summer knowing that you’re already organized for fall!

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  1. Back to school season is also a great time to look for deals on PCs, desks, and bookshelves for the older kids.

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