Aruba has Activities to Excite the Whole Family

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When I choose a vacation destination, one of my top priorities is finding a location that has activities the entire family can enjoy. I love an exotic beach vacation and honestly I could likely be happy just relaxing on a chair by the water sipping ice-cold beverages for a week. But my boys like action and adventure and if I don’t give them a way to burn off their almost inexhaustible energy, I always end up regretting it.

Aruba has just the type of dynamic, fun-filled atmosphere that I need for my family vacations and the more I learn about the various activities this beautiful little island has to offer, the more excited I get about making it our next vacation destination.

The highlight of the island’s activities for me is the beach activities. From calm and picturesque swimming areas in the various resorts to wild waves perfect for windsurfing and kiteboarding, it doesn’t matter if you want relaxation or adventure. Aruba has water sports to satisfy you!

And for those that prefer to stay dry, the island has beautiful scenic options on land as well. I am a big fan of hiking and the rugged trails in the Arikok National Park would be a must-visit spot for me. But for the golf enthusiast, the island boasts courses that combine challenging play with stunning scenery too. And of course, the whole family can enjoy a leisurely horseback ride along the beach!

Check out to learn about all the great acitivites the island has to offer and leave a blog comment about why you’d love to check out Aruba! No matter what activities make up your ideal vacation, Aruba travel offers enough variety to suit every personality. From shopping to fine dining to water sports to relaxing air-conditioned tours of the island, you’re sure to find something to get excited about. I can’t wait to plan my own family adventure and see why Aruba is such a popular vacation spot for people of all ages and interests!

10 thoughts on “Aruba has Activities to Excite the Whole Family”

  1. Erin @ Life's Little Detours

    I love the look of Aruba, but I hate the heat. I’m not sure if I’ll ever go or not (the hubs is VERY anti-heat). Definitely looks gorgeous though :)

  2. Oh wow, what an amazing place to vacation by the looks and sounds of it!! So pretty!! Definitely somewhere that I would love to go someday :)

  3. Oh those pics are pretty! It seems I’m adding a lot more places on my “to visit” wish list lately. And I now have that beach boys song in my head thanks lol (happens every time I hear someone mention Aruba, haha.)

  4. OH how I wish I were in Aruba! My DH & I have made 3 trips to Aruba – our first vacation together in 1999 before we were married, in 2001 where we got engaged and again in 2002 for our honeymoon. I would love to take the girls there! Such a fantastic place to visit, safe with almost no crime and so much to see & do!

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