Keep Your Toddler Active this Summer with New Little Tikes Clearly Sports Sets

With the boys home from school now, I am looking for every possible opportunity to keep them entertained. The freedom of summer is wonderful but it’s also leading to some scuffles between the two of them. I’ve already noticed that the busier they are, the less they argue.

We have a huge kid-friendly back yard with all kinds of activities to keep the boys occupied, from a trampoline to a large swing set to some smaller toys including a spring horse and a wading pool. But they boys didn’t really have any sports equipment except their soccer equipment so I was thrilled when Little Tikes gave me the chance to review its new Clearly Sports line of toys.

little tikes clearly sports

These sets are designed especially for toddlers and Benjamin was very excited to pull the pieces out of the boxes. We decided to open the Clearly Sports Baseball Set first. My boys have spent some time with throwing and catching with a glove, but neither one has done a whole lot of hitting so having the stand for the ball was actually great for both boys! They got lots of practice with the ball and bat and had a great time too.

The Clearly Sports Golf Set was a little trickier for the boys since they were playing on the lawn and the grass is a little long. They still had fun but getting the ball to roll into the little plastic circle was a touch tricky. Fortunately, that didn’t diminish their enjoyment at all and they spent over an hour hitting the little plastic golf balls around the yard. And I loved the way that the balls were stored in the club and could be dropped out as needed.

little tikes clearly sports golf

But of the three different sets, the bowling set was the one that we all loved most. The appeal of rolling the ball and knocking down the pins was completely captivating for Zackary and Benjamin. I liked the way the set could be used both indoors and out and the boys liked the way that the pins made a loud, realistic crashing sound thanks to the small weighted balls inside!

All three sets gave my boys hours of fun outdoors and the products are lightweight and portable enough that they can be used inside as well (with the possible exception of the baseball set depending on the size of your house!) Check out the new Little Tikes Clearly Sports sets for yourself and pick out one for your child. It’s a great way to introduce younger children to the basics of some popular sports they will love for years to come!

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