Coca-Cola Canada Shares Stories of Inspirational Canadians this Summer to Help Encourage Acts of Kindness

One of the basic truths of human nature is that our smallest actions can grow to have a big impact on our lives and the lives of others. Even something as simple as smiling at a person that looks sad can create a ripple that yields positive results all day long. And a recent national survey conducted by Environics Research on behalf of Coca-Cola Canada shows that Canadians are performing plenty of little acts of kindness in the course of a month! But many people believe that those actions aren’t getting the recognition they deserve.

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That’s why Coca-Cola Canada went on a national search to find and showcase some of the amazing Canadians that go above and beyond with acts of kindness that enrich the lives of others on a daily basis. Reading about regular people doing such incredible things had me feeling inspired to make a difference too. These are some of the stories of everyday heroes that were found:

  • Make a Wish – Sixteen-year-old Sheliza Kassam, a native of Calgary, decided on her thirteenth birthday that instead of gifts, she and her family would help feed families in need. Her one small gesture ballooned into a non-profit organization that Sheliza now runs to throw birthday parties for children living in shelters who otherwise would not be able to celebrate their special day.
  • Brown Baggin’ It – Winnipeg teen Nathan Unrau, with the support of his parents Rohan and Elsie Unrau, launched Lunches with Love – a non-profit organization that makes and donates 450 paper bag lunches to Winnipeg’s homeless shelters every other Saturday.
  • Dancing is in his Roots – Twenty-two year old Luke Watters from Halifax knows just how much dance fuels a positive lifestyle. He now heads up a special organization called Concrete Roots to help teens get off the streets and find their outlet in dance, giving them the confidence to excel in something they love.

This summer, Coca-Cola Canada is providing Sheliza, Nathan and Luke with support and resources in the hopes that their stories will help inspire others to make a difference in their own way. And if you’re still in need of a little inspiration to brighten your day, Canadian filmmakers have recorded even more acts of kindness as part of the Open Happiness Project! This program provided 22 aspiring filmmakers with grants to help inspire kindness through inspirational videos. The resulting videos can be viewed at and are well worth checking out! This is one of my favourites:

No matter how you choose to pass a little kindness on to another person, positive actions are sure to yield positive results, which is exactly the message Coca-Cola is hoping to spread this summer. Giving up your seat to a weary stranger or your time to help someone that needs directions won’t just brighten your own day…it will help inspire others as well. Positive energy is catching, so let’s all spread a little today!

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14 thoughts on “Coca-Cola Canada Shares Stories of Inspirational Canadians this Summer to Help Encourage Acts of Kindness”

  1. wow! Super inspiring! those are beyond ‘acts of kindness’ that is full out love! I really love the idea of throwing birthday parties for kids is in shelters! that is genius!!

    1. I love that one too! We’ve done the “no presents” thing here for the last few birthday parties and I love it but this really takes it to a whole different level!

  2. They play this campaign during the commercial portion at the movies. Some of the scenes filmed are quite heart-warming

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