Earth Rescue Cleaning Products Get Rid of Dirt Naturally

My love of eco-friendly cleaning products is something I’ve spoken about often. I don’t like poisonous chemicals in my house and so I’m always looking for great eco-friendly products that still power through dirt and grime. While I appreciate products that are safe for the environment, the truth is that I’m actually far more concerned about the cleaners I use being safe for my family.

Recently, a new line of cleaning products called Earth Rescue was introduced in Canada and the brand promised plant-derived formulas that were biodegradable and free of solvents and VOCs. I received a few of the products to test out and I couldn’t wait.

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The first thing that impressed me about this line was that it offered products with the same level of convenience as some of my favourite large commercial brands. Laundry and dishwasher packs are one of my favourite new products for quick and easy cleaning and Earth Rescue offers both with a formula that is naturally derived and will still get your dishes and clothes clean. I especially loved the Laundry Tabs since they had a luscious lavender scent and left my clothes feeling soft and fresh.

I also received a bottle of Bathroom Cleaner and it became a favourite of mine after one use. The light lemon scent was appealing but what I appreciated even more was the effective cleaning power. When it comes to bathroom cleaner, I find often the eco-friendly versions just don’t pack the same punch as the common commercial brands when it comes to things like removing soap scum and disinfecting. Earth Rescue Bathroom Cleaner worked as well as any other cleaner I’ve used and still had a safe, non-toxic formula.

The new Earth Rescue line is available exclusively at Walmart and after trying it for myself, I’ll be keeping an eye out for the other cleaners in the collection as well. They’re a great choice when I want safe, natural products that still get my cleaning done quickly!

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  1. Hmmm! Very much a line I would like to check out – I currently use (and love) Green Works. I find their AP cleaner to be the BEST cleaner I have ever used, hands down, for getting rid of tough dirt.. and it’s green to boot!

    Thanks for sharing!

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