Three Easy Tips for Creating an Appealing Outdoor Space

In my opinion, nothing makes a house more appealing than a great back yard. In warm summer weather, it really becomes an extra part of the house and our family considers it the absolute best place to be. So how do you turn your back yard into a haven the whole family will enjoy? These are my top three tips for creating an inviting back yard space.

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1) Make a Place for the Kids

A yard isn’t any fun if the whole family can’t enjoy spending time there. If you want to make a long-term investment, consider a large play structure or swing set that will be used for years. If your budget is limited, smaller items like a plastic sandbox or an assortment of balls, Frisbees and other outdoor sports equipment can provide hours of fun for children.

2) Consider the Seating

Comfortable seating is an absolute must for an inviting back yard. Consider what you’ll be using the space for and then choose your outdoor furniture accordingly. If the area will be used for meals, a good table and chair set is the way to go. If you’ll be spending time sitting around a fire pit, choose some comfy camping chairs. Check out the great assortment of patio furniture at Rona and find a set that meets your needs and budget.

3) Add a Personal Touch

The best thing about decorating a back yard space is infusing it with your own sense of style. Those with a green thumb or folks that love flowers may want to invest in some pretty planters to decorate the area or plant a border of perennials in a visible area. Families that do a lot of entertaining may want to consider a few strings of coloured patio lights and tiki torches to add a tropical feel to the space. There are all kinds of easy and inexpensive ways to give your back yard that special finishing touch; even a set of colourful outdoor dishes adds extra flair!

Whether you have a large budget and are preparing for a huge yard makeover or just want to spend a few extra dollars adding that “something special” to your back yard space, it doesn’t take much to make an outdoor space inviting. Just plan out the purpose of the space and decorate accordingly to create an area you’ll wish you could enjoy all year round!

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7 thoughts on “Three Easy Tips for Creating an Appealing Outdoor Space”

  1. you forgot:

    4. Hack away at the weeds and dandelions so that you don’t lose a child or small pet in the overgrowth

  2. What great suggestions! We are having such a tough time adding a personal touch to our very uninviting backyard! Yours looks delightful! Maybe I’ll plan a get together with my friends in the backyard, to inspire me to get my outdoor decorating buns into gear! Thanks! :)

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