Get Fun Gear for Summer and Stock up for School at Stuck on You

Whether I’m helping my boys keep track of their favourite toys at the park or organize their supplies for school, Stuck on You has been helping me out for the last three years. The Australian-based company has been featured numerous times on my site because its gorgeous personalized labels, backpacks, growth charts and other items aren’t just useful; they’re fun and stylish too!

Recently Stuck On You gave me the chance to check out some of the hottest items for summer fun and back-to-school. I had a hard time deciding what to get but I eventually decided to review the Library Bag and Book Labels for Zackary and the Lunch Pack for Benjamin.

stuck on you book labels

Zackary has just recently started going to the library on his own. Picking out new books and movies has been a great source of entertainment for him this summer and I like encouraging his independence by letting him go and make his own choices. The Library Bag was perfect for holding the books and DVDs he chose each time and he adored the superhero on the front. The brown-haired boy flying through the sky actually looked a lot like my oldest son!

We also received a set of book labels with the bag and we decided to use them on Zackary’s small collection of chapter books and on his Kobo. The light blue labels looked great on the books and I can trust that they’ll last as long as the books will having experienced the durability of Stuck on You labels for myself in the past!

boy and stuck on you lunchbox

Instead of items for summer fun, I decided to choose something that would help get my youngest son ready for Pre-Kindergarten this coming fall. Having my baby in school four days a week from nine until noon will be a big change for both of us, but Benjamin is very social and I have no doubt he’ll adjust quickly. As part of his half-day, he’ll be taking a snack and so the matching personalized lunchbox and water bottle with the Robots theme were a perfect choice for him. In fact, his brother has a similar set with the Bug Mania theme and it still looks like new and is my son’s favourite lunch set.

There are so many amazing products to choose from at Stuck on You, whether you want cute personalized room décor, gear for camp and beach vacations or stylish personalized school supplies. Take a look at the site for yourself and find some new essentials that your kids will love!

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