Spend the Day Outside with the Coleman Youth InstaClip Screen House

Living in Saskatchewan, my boys and I are forced to spend a fair amount of time indoors when winter weather arrives. So we spend as much time as possible outside in the beautiful summer months. The fresh air and sunshine are such a treat, but on the hottest days, being out of the direct sun is a good idea. So how do I ensure my boys can have a solid day of outdoor play without having to retreat indoors? With the Coleman Youth InstaClip Screen House!

coleman youth instaclip screen house

This handy youth-sized shelter provides a shaded place for kids to play. I love the screen walls of the shelter since it means the boys can stay outside at dusk without dealing with swarms of mosquitoes. And with a five-foot height, both boys can play inside the screen house without having to bend or stoop!

The InstaClip system was the big highlight of this little shelter for me. The poles are standard tent poles that fit and lock together with elasticized cord running in between them. After fitting the poles together, I simply inserted the ends into the corners of the fabric cover. Then with a few quick snaps, the clips attached to the poles to assemble the house. I loved that it took mere minutes to get the screen house assembled for my boys.

At first, the boys spent most of their time just filling the space with their toys and sitting on the grass playing with them. But the next day, I put their small picnic table into the shelter so that they could eat their snacks in a shaded spot outdoors as well. As a spot for kid-friendly meals, the Youth InstaClip Screen House was ideal. And after spending some time in the space, the boys were even asking if they could sleep in it one night!

coleman instaclip screen house

This little screen house is the perfect addition to any camping site or backyard and with a price tag of less than forty dollars, it’s easy on the budget too. Check out the new Coleman Youth InstaClip Screen House available exclusively at Walmart and let your kids have fun outdoors this summer in all kinds of weather.

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  1. This would be great in my mom’s backyard where there are so many mosquitoes. We tried a regular tent but the kids would just fight and we couldn’t see them!

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