Kids Get Nutrition and Convenience with Milk Unleashed Shelf Safe Milk #MilkUnleashed

August is here and school days are quickly approaching! I am having a blast getting my boys all the gear they need for the upcoming school year and healthy food for lunches and snacks is always something at the top of my list. This year, the new Milk Unleashed shelf safe milk will be right at the top of that list!

My boys love milk, but they don’t drink enough of it at home. A glass at breakfast, another at dinner…they just don’t have enough time in the course of a day to get the amount of milk they should be drinking. Fortunately, Milk Unleashed offers a fabulous alternative that’s safe to pack in a lunchbox…shelf safe milk perfect for moms on the go! With protein, calcium and essentials vitamins, it’s a healthy and delicious drink that my boys and I can both get excited about.

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The process is simple and has been used in Europe for years. Basically, regular milk goes through a special high-temperature pasteurization process that kills off bacteria before being packaged in Tetra Pak containers. The milk is shelf safe for up to six months once packaged and after opening, can last in the refrigerator for about seven to ten days.

My boys and I had the opportunity to try this handy packaged milk last year and while it has a slightly different taste than the fresh milk we are used to, it had the same nutrition and we all enjoyed it. I loved having a larger carton on hand for the days when we ran out of milk late at night. And the boys absolutely loved taking the single-serve chocolate milk boxes to school and playschool. I’ve found that by freezing the boxes the night before, my boys could enjoy cold, delicious milk in their lunches the next day.

To find Milk Unleashed shelf safe milk near you, check out the Where to Buy section on the Milk Unleashed website. And don’t forget to like the Milk Unleashed Facebook page and follow @MilkUnleashed on Twitter for all the latest news from Milk Unleashed!

I am so happy to have a shelf safe alternative to fresh milk in the house and knowing that my boys are getting extra calcium and vitamin D throughout their day is a huge plus to me. And since trying this milk for myself, I’ve found more and more occasions on which I’m happy to have it in the house. The milk is ideal for camping trips, great for household emergencies and a lunchbox-packing mom’s dream come true. Give it a try for yourself and enjoy the convenience and nutrition of Milk Unleashed!

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