Discover Your Favourite Scent in the New LUSH Gorilla Perfumes Collection-Giveaway

I am a little bit of a nut about LUSH Fresh Handmade Cosmetics products. LUSH Bath Bombs are my ultimate favourite indulgence and the fact that these skin-soothing, scent-infusing bath time treats are handmade with fabulous essential oils just makes me love them even more. LUSH also carries an extensive line of cosmetics, body care products and hair care products all made with fresh, ethically sourced ingredients and recently the company announced the debut of its new line of Gorilla Perfumes.

Featuring nine appealing scents created by father and son team Mark and Simon Constantine, this collection is the second line of Gorilla Perfumes from LUSH and has something for everyone. I was given the chance to check out two of the scents for myself and since The Sun and Euphoria were described to me as fresh, light and perfect for summer, I couldn’t wait to see what they were like. The collection includes:

lush euphoria collection

The Sun

During the cold winter, Mark Constantine longed for warmth. While driving down the New Jersey turnpike to Cape May on a trip to the U.S., Mark listened to Simon and Garfunkel’s ‘America.’ Visions came to him of a big orange sun on a lollipop stick…orange, tangerine and sandalwood grace this fresh scent. (Vegan)


Like ‘Sun’, Mark longed for other healing scents, to make one feel a kind of euphoria. Taking cues from books on aromatherapy, euphoric sensations were conjured using clary sage, grapefruit, lime and neroli. (Vegan)

The Voice Of Reason

Inspired by literary figures like William Burroughs and Neal Cassady and wordsmiths like Gil Scott Heron and Leonard
Cohen, this scent conjures the Beat Generation and spoken word artists congregating at street corners, basement clubs and coffee shops. Strong aromas of French Gitane cigarettes and espresso with sandalwood and tonka bean as the main
ingredients. (Vegan)


Looking out of the back door of his home, Simon found inspiration in his own garden with Furze. Furze is a British plant that can flower even in the wintertime. Legend has it that the flower was used by the Vikings to brew beer and if grown on your property, Furze could protect from curses or hexes made into a broom, it ‘sweeps’ away evil influences. Adding coconut and vanilla, this fragrance is sure to protect the wearer from evil! (Vegan)

The Bug

Inspired by music, Mark and Simon felt the paranoia of the modern age with The Bug. Thoughts drifted to ominous
surveillance cameras…voices whispering in the ears…hidden secret police and anonymous hackers. Ideas for a ‘protest
perfume’ emerged a disjointed scent for our times using such unique fragrances as galbanum and black pepper. (Vegan)

Flower’s Barrow

There are stories about an Iron Age hillfort above Lulworth Cove in England. It was taken over by the Romans, who are said to haunt the place known as Flower’s Barrow. The ancient fort has sunk into the sea; nettles and brambles have taken over the land. To capture the spirit of this place in scent, Gorilla has utilized well-used herbs like sage and thyme, as well as geranium and blackcurrant. (Vegan)

Devil’s Nightcap

One of the most mysterious standing stone structures sits in the town of Studland, and is known as The Devil’s Nightcap. Folklore from 1866 claims the Devil threw the stone across the sea, attempting to hit Corfe Castle. The stone was first noted by Borlase in 1058, who described it as “the great stone of men” – and he attributed Druidic properties to the rock. To capture this magic, oak moss, clary sage and ylang ylang were used. (Vegan)

Sikkim Girls

While hanging out in the oddly named ‘Hot Stimulating Café’ in Darjeeling, the café owner warned Sheema Mukherjee, a
musician and composer, to stay away from the dangerous Sikkim Girls. The owner said they had seduced and stolen away his son in- law. Somehow they had accomplished this while covered head to- toe with the subtle yet sexual sway of their bodies. To capture their sensual ways, frangipani, vanilla and tuberose are included in this mix. (Vegan)


We find Simon in cold January, trudging across fields searching for the eerie spot known as Hellstone. The ancient standing stone structure was used as a burial ground 4000 years ago, and as written in 1803, legend has it the Devil flung this stone! Inspired by the smells of unearthed roots and freshly turned earth, the Hellstone-inspired perfume uses vetiver, cumin and beeswax.

I adore the packaging on LUSH products almost as much as the products themselves and the Gorilla Perfumes were no exception. Featuring bright, colourful paper and cute cards describing each perfume, they were so much fun to unwrap. I tried The Sun perfume first and with one whiff, I knew I was in love.

This perfume smells like nothing quite so much as fresh oranges, though the sandalwood adds a subtle spiciness to the scent as well, and I liked how energizing and upbeat it was. I dabbed on the perfume and within a few hours, I discovered another reason to love LUSH; the enticing aroma lasted all day long! In fact, since I wasn’t used to the scent, I found myself once or twice wondering where the delicious smell was coming from before realizing it was my new perfume!

lush gorilla perfumes sun euphoria

I tried Euphoria the next day and while I’m sure there are some people that would adore this perfume, it was not my favourite. The clary sage aroma in the perfume is quite strong, which would make it a perfect choice for anybody that favours more herbal scents. As someone that tends to prefer food-based perfume scents, The Sun was absolutely my top choice.

LUSH wants you to have the chance to test out its unique perfumes for yourself, so the company is very generously offering one lucky Mommy Kat and Kids reader a 0.3 oz. bottle of both The Sun and Euphoria perfumes, a $30 value! To enter to win, just leave a blog comment about which of the nine new scents sounds most appealing to you!

I do already have a signature scent that I love but having tried Gorilla Perfumes for myself, I have to admit that I may have found another favourite. The appealing scent of The Sun perfume is just too delicious to resist. If you’re looking for unique, memorable perfume made of high-quality ingredients, LUSH Gorilla Perfumes are a great choice. Find your favourite in the new collection and discover your own signature scent!
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