Three Diaper Bag Essentials for a Mom on the Move

I have always been a woman that loves to be on the go and having children didn’t change that at all. Even when my boys were just newborns, I took them out on long walks around the neighbourhood or out to local mom and baby events. It let me get out of the house and enjoy some adult conversation and exercise, while my boys got to see new sights and enjoy the outdoors.

Being out of the house so much, I quickly learned that my diaper bag was my best friend. A mom on the move needs to be prepared for all kinds of baby emergencies and every time I was caught without something I needed when away from home, I added another diaper bag essential to my supplies.

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The most important items in the diaper bag were, of course, the diapers themselves. It’s a fact of life that the one time a diaper bag doesn’t get restocked with diapers will be the one time that a mom encounters a very messy emergency when out of the house. I like to restock the diaper bag as soon as I get back from an outing so that I will never have to rush home in a panic. Huggies Snug & Dry Diapers are an absolute must in any diaper bag since the SureFit design provides up to twelve hours of leak protection. And the diapers fit nice and close to a baby’s body to help them stay in place no matter how squirmy a little one is!

My second essential in the diaper bag was an empty bottle or sippy cup. Depending on how long of an excursion we were making, I would often bring a bottle of milk or a juice box in the diaper bag, but if a little one is thirsty, having an empty bottle ready to fill with water can mean the difference between a pleasant trip and a miserable one.

Finally, no diaper bag should ever be without a change of clothes. Whether baby spits up all over his nice clean shirt or that active toddler takes a tumble into the mud, a fresh new outfit means there’s no need to return home to change. I like keeping a change of clothes in a Ziploc bag because the bag keeps the clothes together neatly in the diaper bag and can also be used to store dirty or wet clothes when needed. Like the diapers, this is something I restock as soon as I get home!

Being on the move has always been something that my boys love as much as I do, and with a little preparation, we always enjoyed our outings, whether we were spending an afternoon at the park or taking a day trip to the beach. So pack up that diaper bag with Huggies Snug & Dry Diapers and your other essentials and head outside for some fun with your baby this summer. There’s no better feeling than being a mom on the move!

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11 thoughts on “Three Diaper Bag Essentials for a Mom on the Move”

  1. I’m just like you! I can never stay home! Need to keep moving! My 3 must in my PURSE (we are almost past the diaper bag phase :( 1. WIPES, 2. Diapers and spare underwear (for the kids! lol) and 3. A snack for the kids!

    1. Yes Kerrie! My boys were the same way. As soon as I don’t have extra clothes, they’re falling in the mud or spilling ice cream all over themselves! Lol

  2. Well I was just like that – I needed to be on the go and taking my girls places to get them into things and to get me moving and out of the house. I need wipes with me even these days for little messes, but yes don’t be caught without the Huggies for the little ones.

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