Let Philips AVENT Soothe Your Little One With the Natural Essentials Set-Giveaway

I am always on the lookout for the best products for my baby and Philips AVENT has such a great assortment of high-quality and effective breast pumps, bottles and other feeding products that it’s always been one of my favourite brands. That’s why I was delighted to be recently chosen as a Philips AVENT Mom. I’ll be featuring a few reviews of new products from the company over the coming months and sharing my thoughts, as well as offering some great giveaways for you! The first item I received to review was the AVENT Natural Essentials set. This convenient set has everything a parent needs for feeding and sterilizing. The set contains four bottles, two newborn soothies a bottle brush and an express sterilizer!

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I didn’t use a pacifier for either of my other children but when my third baby started sucking her thumb even with a full tummy, I thought it might be a good idea to try one.  I had avoided them in the past for fear of interfering with my children’s tooth and gum development and because I dreaded the uproar that I imagined would come with taking it away some day in the future.  Still, if she was going to suck her thumb anyways, I thought I might as well give her something that I can actually take away when the time comes.  So I was very excited to try the the newborn Soothie pacifiers in the kit. These pacifiers are favoured by the medical profession and I thought “If I am going to try a soother, this is going to be the one.”

The first thing that struck me about the Soothie was the shape.  It wasn’t the flattened nipple shape I expected in a soother but rather a long cylinder shape nipple just like those made for bottles.  After reading the package I learned that the nipple was designed specifically to ensure natural tooth and gum development so I happily struck that concern from my mind.  And the Soothie is one solid piece made with hospital grade silicone so I don’t have to worry about it breaking apart and becoming a choking hazard.  Like any new nipple, it took my daughter a little getting used to, but after a week she was happily taking the Soothie instead of her thumb and we have been using it ever since.

Brooke enjoying her Soothie!
Brooke enjoying her Soothie!

Of course, the set also included the bottles and my daughter absolutely loves them.  I gave my father a good chuckle when I frantically said “I can’t find her favorite bottle!” He found it a little strange that a baby that young could have a favourite bottle. Well yes she does, ever since we received the AVENT Natural Essentials set!  And after reading about the benefits of these bottles it is no surprise why.  The AVENT bottles have a wide nipple shape similar to the breast which makes for easy transition between breast and bottle feeding.  The nipples also have special comfort petals inside that make them more soft and flexible.  And my baby and I are both enjoying the benefits of the bottles’ anti-colic system, which uses valves to prevent my daughter from sucking air instead of milk. Best of all, when it’s time to sterilize the bottles, the handy express sterilizer gets the job done in just two minutes in the microwave!

To celebrate the launch of the Philps AVENT Moms program, the company has a special giveaway just for you! One lucky Mommy Kat and Kids reader is going to win a Philips AVENT Prize Pack worth $31! To enter to win, just leave a blog comment about who would get this prize pack if you won.

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The AVENT Natural Essentials set I received has helped to keep my baby calm and happy.  It is great to see the development of bottles that are meant to mimic the breast and designed with the baby’s comfort in mind.  And for someone as pacifier cautious as I am, I was glad to find the Soothie was the choice of medical professionals across the country.  If you want to give your baby the best products for her comfort and soothing in one convenient set, check out the Philips AVENT Natural Essentials set at Babies”R”Us and other select retailers. It’s a great way to get all the baby essentials you need in one convenient package!

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