Get Dinner Ready in Record Time with Tasty Dishes from Fine Choice Foods

Today is the first day of a new school year and that means that the season of rushed mornings, homework and extra-curricular activities is here!

There are still plenty of relaxed evenings in the average week in our household, but there are also times that I am on a strict schedule between the end of school and the start of one of my boys’ sports lessons or activities.

That’s why finding quick and easy meal ideas that my boys love is always welcome once autumn arrives!

I also love food that’s a little different than the standard soup and pasta that my boys would eat every day if I let them, and so I was very excited when I got the chance to test out a variety of frozen convenience foods from Fine Choice Foods.

This Canadian-owned company offers a variety of quality Asian foods including spring rolls, wontons and egg rolls that taste great and go from freezer to table in just minutes!

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I love stir-fry, chow mien and other Asian dishes and because of that I’ve actually taught myself to make quite a few of them from scratch, but one of the things that I have never attempted to make is spring rolls. Folding them correctly seems tricky, frying them is a pain and getting the filling just right is something that I’m sure I would find difficult.

But I absolutely adore good spring rolls, so the Vegetable Spring Rolls and Pork Spring Rolls were the first Fine Choice Foods product I decided to test out.

The spring rolls cook in just twenty minutes on a cookie sheet in the oven. They come with plum sauce for dipping and are absolutely delicious. I generally only ever eat vegetarian spring rolls so trying the Pork Spring Rolls was a new experience to me.

They were heartier and with a fresh salad would make a great quick supper all on their own. The Vegetable Spring Rolls were lighter and perfect as a side dish with a stir-fry.

I had never tried gyoza dumplings before so the Pork Gyoza Dumplings were one of the next products I tested out. I loved that they were microwavable; for those times when there is literally only a few minutes between one activity and another, these are a quick and filling choice.

And the taste is absolutely fabulous! I liked the fact that they could be served either crispy when fried in a pan or chewy when prepared in the microwave.

Fine Choice Foods also offers Vegetable Samosas, a great convenient choice since they are delicious hot or cold, Chicken and Vegetable Egg Rolls perfect for snacks or side dishes and scrumptious Pork Wontons.

As an added bonus, many of the products from Fine Choice Foods can be prepared in different ways, from steaming to pan frying, so that parents can choose the method their family will most enjoy!

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So far the boys have enjoyed all the Fine Choice Foods products that we have tried just as much as I have, which is always a bonus since they tend to be pretty picky eaters!

And I love how quick and easy the products are to prepare, which is why even though I’m tempted to eat all of them right away, I am making sure to save some of our favourite products for those nights when time is at a premium.

Check out these tasty Asian choices for yourself and find a few that your family love to make life a little easier on a busy night!

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