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I am a little bit shoe obsessed and as a result, I have an entire set of shelves filled with my footwear. From cute boots to absurdly high heels to designer sandals to comfy flats, I pretty much always have a pair of shoes that will add the finishing touch to an outfit. But sometimes I still struggle to find shoes that meet that perfect balance between comfort and style…shoes that look stylish and dressy but that I can wear all day long. Kravings by Klogs offers shoes that do just that and recently I received a pair of the Taylor Red Full Grain pumps from the new Kravings by Klogs fall line to test out. These shoes looked adorable and incredibly comfortable, so I couldn’t wait to see how they worked for me.

kravings by klogs taylor shoes

I tend to wear shoes between an 8 and an 8½ in North American sizing and so I went for the larger size with these shoes. As soon as they arrived, I knew that was the wrong move. The reason I sometimes need a larger size is that narrow shoes tend not to fit my foot well, but the Kravings shoes are made wider to begin with so that as the foot naturally swells during the day, the shoes still feel great. Unfortunately, that meant that the size I chose was actually too long for my foot and doesn’t quite stay on the way they should. They are still wearable with heel grips but if you’re one of those women that hovers between two sizes when buying shoes, definitely go for the smaller size with this line.

I loved the rich red colour of the shoes and the chunky heels lengthened my overall look while still being comfortable for all-day walking. I have a feeling that these shoes will be great for the morning after a dress-up event since I tend to wear my most stylish and painful footwear at those times. When my feet are sore and swollen the next day, I’ll still be able to look great and take care of business with these shoes! The shock-absorbing insoles do an amazing job of ensuring that your feet feel great even if you’re walking all day!

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If you’d love to try a pair of these stylish shoes for yourself, you’re in luck! Klogs is very generously offering one lucky Mommy Kat and Kids reader their own pair of Kravings by Klogs shoes from the new fall line! To enter to win, just take a look at the new arrivals for yourself and leave a blog comment about which pair you would choose if you won!

Kravings by Klogs also offers flats, wedges and clogs in a variety of trendy colours and fashion-forward styles to ensure that every woman can look great while still enjoying all-day comfort. I love having such a comfortable pair of shoes to wear that look so good paired with anything from jeans to a skirt and blazer to a little black dress. If you want fashionable footwear without having to torture your tootsies, these are the shoes for you. Check them out for yourself and see what you think!
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163 thoughts on “Treat Your Feet to Style and Comfort with Kravings by Klogs-Giveaway”

  1. I definitely need a pair of flats, I tried on at least 10 pair last week and couldn’t find any comfy ones. :( but I am loving the blondie and the Taylor shoes too

    1. Blondie Quill or Vermont Chelsea in grey. Oh, but I also like the Dolly Edie in burgundy. Love the looks of the shoes. Style and comfort in one.

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