Natural Protection! Reader Reviews of Banana Boat Natural Reflect Sunscreen

This summer, I had the chance to test out the brand new Banana Boat Natural Reflect sunscreen on my boys and I was so excited that a large commercial brand was offering a natural alternative to chemical sunscreens. While I’ve already shared my review of Banana Boat Natural Reflect sunscreen, I wanted to hear from you too, and Banana Boat very generously offered 25 of my readers the chance to review the sunscreen as well! Now, the reviews are in!

The fact that it was a natural product was a big hit with almost everyone that reviewed the sunscreen, whether they were using it on themselves or their children. As an added plus, readers found that the product lasted all day and resisted water well, something that any parent can appreciate!

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I love that it is an all-natural product, which makes me feel a lot better about putting it on my child. There are so many chemicals in products now and this formula really put my mind at ease. I love that it is SPF 50 rather than SPF 30 like many products on the market.
~Kristy S.

One of the downsides of the sunscreen for readers was the thick consistency, since applying the sunscreen and rubbing it into the skin took extra time. We all know how challenging that can be with a squirmy child!

I love that it’s SPF 50, and that it has all natural ingredients. One thing I don’t like is how thick it is when you apply it. I put it on my son and I feel like it takes forever to rub in. after spending 5 minutes or so applying the sunscreen to my son, I noticed there were still white spots that I had missed.
~Erika B.

Other positive aspects readers noticed included the scent-free formula and the mildness. Banana Boat Natural Reflect got more than one seal of approval for not irritating a child’s eyes or skin thanks to the hypoallergenic formula!

I was pleased with the fact that we went around Canada’s Wonderland all day (really wanted to test it out :)) and my little guy did not get burned at all. He was a little tanned but to be expected but it def. kept him covered. I notice no adverse interactions with his skin, or mine, which is sensitive to alot of things.
~Carey Z.

Overall, Banana Boat Natural Reflect received widespread approval for its gentle, natural and non-greasy formula, but the parents have spoken and a formula that is easier to rub into the skin is definitely something that would have Mom and Dad jumping for joy! Thanks so much to everyone for the fabulous feedback and congratulations to Katie T, the random winner of the $50 Visa gift card! Check out the product for yourself and see what you think of this new naturally sourced sunscreen!

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