Power Away Tough Stains with New Purex Plus Oxi Liquid Laundry Detergent

Having two boys in the house that love to be on the go means that dirty laundry is something I have to deal with all the time. And while I wish I could say that it was just my boys’ clothing that ended up filthy, the truth is my own clothes often get just as dirty as the outfits Zackary and Benjamin wear. Part of that is due to cleaning up the mess my boys make but part of it is just my own occasional clumsiness. If I manage to make it through the week without spilling coffee on myself at some point, I’m generally pretty proud!

Fortunately, I have a gorgeous new Maytag Maxima XL Steam Laundry Pair to help me deal with the mountain of laundry the boys and I create each week. But since this is my first experience with a high efficiency washer, I was at a bit of a loss when choosing a detergent for the machine. Initially, I used a laundry detergent for baby clothes since it had the low sudsing formula I needed for the machine. But it just didn’t have the cleaning power to get out tough stains and that’s an essential for me. So when I got the chance to test out new Purex plus Oxi liquid laundry detergent, I hoped it would be the detergent I had been searching for.

purex plus oxi liquid laundry detergent

What had me so excited about the new Purex plus Oxi liquid laundry detergent is that it was suitable for all machines, including HE washers. I filled up the detergent compartment on my washer and started the weekly load of laundry to see if the clothes came out as clean and fresh as I hoped. I started with a load of towels on the sanitize cycle and they were fresh and sweet smelling after washing. A great start, but it was my favourite outfits that I really wanted to clean effectively and some of them were rather delicate. I created a load of my dress clothes, skirts, blouses and dresses and washed it on the Wrinkle Prevent cycle. The clothes came out as clean as I had hoped and looking fabulous!

The other great thing about Purex plus Oxi is that it can be used to pretreat tough stains as well. Just pour a small amount of the detergent onto the stain and rub the fabric together to work the detergent into the fibres. Launder the clothing as usual and the stain will be gone! I used the detergent to pretreat ketchup, coffee and blood stains and every time, the clothes came out looking like new!

Purex plus Oxi is holding a fabulous sweepstakes right now to help you Bid Adieu to stains and you could be doing just that with some amazing prizes! To enter, just head to the Purex plus Oxi Bid Adieu website and enter your information for a chance to win a grand prize of $500 or one of fifty secondary prizes for a free bottle of Purex plus Oxi liquid laundry detergent!

I am so happy to have found an affordable, effective liquid laundry detergent that’s suitable for my beautiful new Maytag washer and dryer and I can’t believe how clean and fresh my clothes are when I fold them and put them away. I was already in seventh heaven about my gorgeous new laundry pair but having a great detergent for the machines has made me love them even more. If you need a detergent that’s tough on stains, gentle on clothes and works in every type of machine, Purex plus Oxi liquid laundry detergent may be just what you’ve been looking for. Give it a try and Bid Adieu to stains once and for all!

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