Celebrate Canada with the New ROYALE Inspire Us Facial Tissue Collection-Giveaway

One of the things that I love about Canada is its diversity. Just like its citizens, the landscape is full of change and variety, from my own home province of prairie fields to the towering mountains of British Columbia to the lush greenery of the Eastern coast. And this year ROYALE is celebrating that diversity with the Inspire Us collection.

This iconic line of facial tissue is comprised of nature photographs from eight different photographers, whose photos were chosen from among 9100 entries by members of the Moment with ROYALE community. Not only did the talented photographers earn national recognition, each was also awarded a $1500 cash prize! The complete collection is a stunning example of Canada’s beauty and I was delighted when I received the full line of facial tissue to help adorn my house with beautiful Canadian flowers and landscapes.

royale inspire us collection

My personal favourite in the collection is the gorgeous sunset box. I have always been a fan of the beauty and range of colours that show when the sun sets and this image captures that vibrancy perfectly. Watching a sunset like that really is exactly how I’d want my perfect day to end!

If you want to add a little Canadian flair to your décor, ROYALE is here to help! The company is very generously offering one lucky Mommy Kat and Kids reader the complete ROYALE Inspire Us facial tissue collection and a $50 photography store gift card so that you can work on capturing a little of Canada’s natural beauty yourself. To enter to win, just leave a blog comment about which of the boxes in this collection is your favourite.

I love being able to enjoy the beauty of my country with this unique facial tissue collection and it’s such an easy way to add a bit of extra colour to my house. Check out the ROYALE Inspire Us collection and pick out your favourite box today, because the collection is only available for a limited time! No matter what Canadian landscape you love, showing your fondness for your country is easy with the new facial tissue from ROYALE.
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  1. I like this one –> Donald from Kamloops, BC ~ Fiery Dawn: Capture what you love in your heart and your style will follow.

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