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Almost all of the time I spend online is work-related and while I absolutely love what I do, there are times that I just want to relax and play around online. Recently CanadianDollarBingo.com offered me the chance to do just that with a review of its online bingo site, a top destination for anyone wondering where to play Canadian bingo. I used to love playing bingo when I was younger so I was looking forward to seeing what the site was like.

The first thing I realized about CanadianDollarBingo.com is that it was very interactive. The games featured chat rooms that let players interact with one another and add a more social dimension to the game. In fact, there are even little chat games within the main games to make the experience even more of a fun group event.

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I have played Bingo in an actual Bingo hall before and I was not very quick at marking off numbers as they were called, so I wasn’t sure how online Bingo would compare. Fortunately, the gameplay is very easy for people of all skill levels. The numbers light up on the bingo cards as they’re called so keeping track of them is easy. And when there are only a few numbers left until a Bingo, the card even changes colour, which I have to admit added to the excitement quite a bit!

For those that prefer other games, CanadianDollarBingo.com offers a variety of fun and simple games including slots, video poker and Keno. And I especially appreciated that there were both free and paid options available on the site. Having the choice between the excitement of trying to win some money or the opportunity to just relax and unwind with a game of Bingo and a chat with other players is always a bonus.

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CanadianDollarBingo.com also offers a variety of fun bingo promotions and contests to its members including special Player Appreciation Days, a $20 sign-up bonus, and a 600% bonus on your first deposit so that you can enjoy hours of entertainment at a great price. There’s so many fun games and special features on the site!

Whether you’re an experienced online Bingo player or just want to relax and enjoy a little downtime after a busy day, CanadianDollarBingo.com has great options for you, so check out the site for yourself and see if maybe today is your lucky day!

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