Nails Will Be Longer, Stronger and Healthier with Amera Natural Nails

UPDATE: Sadly, Amera Natural Nails products are no longer available. I am leaving the review posted as so many people visit it searching for the products.

I bit my nails for as long as I can remember and while I’d sometimes stop for a few months, I only managed to quit completely about a year ago.

Doing so has opened up a whole new world to me since now I can accessorize my looks with nail polish and nail art for the first time and I have to admit, I’ve become a little bit of a nail polish addict.

But I’ve also realized that I have incredibly thin and somewhat brittle nails, which may be partly why I originally started biting them so long ago.

And boy was that discovery frustrating! I’d just get my nails to a nice length and then a tiny split would mean I’d have to clip the nail short.

It happened again and again and I couldn’t help but be a little chagrined that I still couldn’t grow my nails even though I’d stopped biting them.

Then I learned about Amera Natural Nails, a company that specializes in providing natural, nourishing products for beautiful, healthy hands and nails.

I received an assortment of products to test out and I was so excited to see if they would make a difference in the strength of my nails.

amera lotion nail file

I decided to focus mostly on my hands first so I started by applying the Amera Hand and Body Lotion every day and then pushing back my cuticles with the Amera Nail File.

I loved the way that the end of the file was specially shaped to push back cuticles. And the aluminum oxide crystals used to make the file are designed to structure polish to the end of the nail so that the polish won’t peel!

After about a week, I noticed not only that my hands were softer and smoother, but that my nails seemed less brittle as well. After two weeks I had longer, healthier nails that hadn’t split!

I also received the Amera Buff Bar and Intensive Foot Treatment and since I’ve struggled with dry feet for a few years now, I was pretty excited about trying them out.

I started by scrubbing my feet with the Buff Bar and my favourite cleanser in the shower to exfoliate and remove callouses. Then I applied the Intensive Foot Treatment, which contains seaweed extract and vitamins to soothe and nourish skin.

I liked the non-greasy feel of the lotion and the fact that it contained odour-fighting ingredients to naturally deodorize.

amera natural nails prize pack

The Amera products have been so nourishing for my hands and feet, and I’m looking forward to seeing if my nails continue to grow longer and stronger as the weeks go by.

Best of all, I know I’m improving the look of my hands and feet with products containing natural ingredients for a gentle, nourishing experience.

With winter coming, dry hands and cracked, brittle nails are soon going to be a problem for many, so take action now and nourish your skin with Amera products so that you can enjoy soft hands and healthy nails all winter long!

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  1. The hand and body lotion. I have thyroid disease and I have such a problem with my nail layering and then breaking,

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