Keep Your Lips Healthy this Winter with New Live Clean Lovely Lips

The weather is getting colder here in Saskatchewan and frost overnight is becoming the norm, which means icy winter winds are just around the corner. My skin suffers when the weather gets cold, but for the most part it manages to survive the dry air both indoors and out. My lips, on the other hand, often end up cracked and bleeding in the cold weather if I’m not careful about moisturizing them.

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This year, Live Clean decided to make sure that I would be ready for the dryness of winter by sending me its new line of Live Clean (Lovely Lips) balms. These lip balms, like all Live Clean products, are made of eco-friendly ingredients that are both gentle and effective, and the new line is actually made of USDA certified organic ingredients as well! Best of all, the balms come in three nourishing varieties: Soothing, Moisturizing and Protecting.

I tried the Soothing Live Clean (Lovely Lips) balm first and it was instantly my favourite. It has a fabulous minty tingle from the peppermint and eucalyptus oil in the balm and was very similar to the balm I currently use. It glided on so smoothly and felt great on my lips with no greasiness or stickiness. The Protecting balm was much milder and featured extracts of carrot and oats to gently nourish lips. And the Moisturizing balm packed powerful lip conditioning benefits with ingredients including jojoba and avocado oil.

If you suffer from dry, cracked lips in the winter, the new Live Clean (Lovely Lips) balms are the perfect moisturizing treatment to keep your lips soft and healthy without harsh ingredients. Find them at Shoppers Drug Mart, Walmart and Rexall stores across Canada and keep your lips looking luscious this winter!

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