Enjoy High-Flying Thrills with Star Trek: Into Darkness on Blu-ray and DVD

I have been a Star Trek fan for years now and so when the new Star Trek movie came out in 2009, I couldn’t wait to see it. Blending modern special effects with classic beloved characters, it was fun, exciting and a welcome addition to the franchise. Now, the crew of the Enterprise is back with the release of Star Trek: Into Darkness on Blu-ray and DVD. Here’s a brief synopsis of the film:

star trek into darkness box artWhen a ruthless mastermind known as Khan declares a one-man war on the Federation, Captain Kirk, Spock and the daring crew of the U.S.S. Enterprise will embark on the greatest manhunt in history. It will take all of their skills and teamwork to defend Earth and eliminate Khan’s thread in this “sleek, thrilling epic.” (Owen Gleiberman, Entertainment Weekly)

I decided this movie would be the perfect way to unwind on Saturday night and it did not disappoint. The plot was gripping, the action was nonstop and seeing Captain Kirk and his crew thwart convention to head out on a mission of revenge was a great way to spend the evening. One of the things I especially loved about this movie was the development of the relationship between James and Spock as they overcame their differences.

The best thing about this movie, in my mind, is that it appeals both to previous fans of the Star Trek franchise and to newcomers. The characters have personalities that are consistent with the original series and movies, but the plot is one that is exciting enough for any action-lover with special effects that really are mind-blowing. Check out Star Trek: Into Darkness for yourself and boldly go where no one has gone before!

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    1. You know, Vesper, it’s been so long since I’ve seen the original movies that it was the same way for me. Totally didn’t click until almost the end and made the movie much more fun and exciting!

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