Children Will Create Endless Adventures with #KREOCityVille Invasion KREON Micro-Scale Characters-Giveaway

My oldest son has an intense love of building sets and that’s partly because of the fun miniature characters the sets contain. He loves using the figures to create intricate scenarios and he treats the characters in the play sets like good friends, making sure that they are all together and often carrying a few of them around the house as he does other things. That’s one of the reasons I was especially excited about being chosen as a KRE-O CityVille ambassador. These building sets are packed with fun hero and villain KREON Micro-Scale Characters and I knew Zackary would use them to play happily for hours.

kre-o kreon micro-scale characters

The KREONS are quite small at only about half an inch in height and boast incredible detail considering their size. From fun hairstyles to tiny accessories to special clothing, there was so much to fuel the imagination of my oldest son. For example, the Skyscraper Mayhem set that Zackary built contained not only an assortment of heroes and villains, but also a man dressed as a banana, bait for the fearsome rampaging Gorilla, and a baby gorilla to add to the story ideas!

kre-o haunted hideaway set

And every KRE-O CityVille Invasion set features the same variety in its KREON figures to help ensure that kids can create complex stories with the building sets. As an added bonus, every set also includes a surprise mystery KREON character too! Zackary especially loved the monsters in the Haunted Hideaway set and with Halloween fast approaching, it was a perfect set to add a little spookiness to his playtime. Featuring the evil Baron Batcakes and Skeletron facing off against Agent Holster the spy and his partner Ian A. Allen, the cast of characters provided hours of entertainment for Zackary.

kre-o haunted hideaway kreons

To let you discover the fun of the KREON Micro-Scale characters for yourself, Hasbro is very generously offering one lucky Mommy Kat and Kids reader their own KRE-O CityVille Invasion Haunted Hideaway set, a $35 value! To enter to win, just leave a blog comment about which KREON character in the Haunted Hideaway set would be your child’s favourite.

ptpa sealBut that’s not all! KRE-O is a PTPA award winner and you can now spot the PTPA seal on KRE-O packaging and other select Hasbro products in various stores including Toys’R’Us and Walmart. Snap a picture of the seal in store, online, in advertisements or in commercials and share it on your favourite social network using the #spottheseal hashtag and you could win great weekly prizes from Hasbro and PTPA! Check out the official Spot the Seal contest page for all the details!

If the engaging characters in building sets are what makes them appealing for your child, you have to check out the KRE-O CityVille Invasion building sets for yourself. Collecting the KREONS and using them in all kinds of stories will be sure to provide plenty of entertainment. Check out the sets for yourself and stock up for Christmas so that your child can create all kinds of KRE-O adventures!
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