Organize Your House with Reusable Peel and Stick Products from UM! Brands

One of the biggest struggles we have in our little house is organization. Our home isn’t very large to begin with and being older, it doesn’t have the clean lines of a newer house that can make organizing a little easier. Top that off with too many things in too small of a space and it’s a recipe for clutter!

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I’ve been working at clearing out some of the items we no longer need, but I also needed the tools to make organizing our essential items a little easier and recently UM! Brands offered to provide me with just what I needed to organize my house a little better. The company’s unique line of houseware products stick to most flat surfaces using a special EverSTIK nanosuction technology. There’s no mess and the items can be removed and repositioned any time!

I received the Starter Kit and two Hook UM! Extended units to review. Hooks were one of the things that we especially needed in our household and I was so excited to have ones that I could place anywhere I wanted. I decided to put one set of hooks in Zackary’s room for his hoodies and another in the living room for the boys’ backpacks.

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The installation of the UM! Brands products was so easy! I simply peeled away the backing and pressed the pieces firmly against the wall. One of my favourite things about these products is that if they ever stop sticking after being moved around, I just need to wash them, let them dry and put them back into place wherever I want. And that means that I can move the hooks and reuse them again and again!

The items in the Starter Kit included a single Hook UM! hook, a Note UM! small whiteboard and a Stick UM! Essential pad and I decided to put all three of them in my upstairs office to help keep the space organized. The Note UM! whiteboard is my personal favourite. I love being able to jot down quick notes on the board to keep my day on track. I use the Stick UM! Essential pad primarily for keeping my various USB keys organized and it has done a great job so far. And the single Hook UM! is perfect for hanging my charge cord organizer!

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I’m still in the process of getting our house to the high level of organization that I want, but I am definitely closer to achieving my goals since adding the UM! Brands products to our household. And the best part is that as the needs of my family change, I can move the hooks, whiteboard and pad to the places I need them! For organization at home, at school or at work, UM! Brands is a great choice, so pick up a few essentials for your family today!

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