Get Imaginative with Fisher-Price Imaginext and Ed Venture #ImaginextAdventures

I’ve often mentioned how much my boys thrive on imaginative play. It all started when my oldest son was just a toddler and the two of us would spend the day with a pile of toys making up stories. It didn’t take Zackary long to discover Hot Wheels and once he did, they became the stars of all our games. But because he had such a great imagination, the cars didn’t just race around. Instead they had conversations, picked up items from the store and dropped off treats for friends.

imaginext rescue city centre

I loved the fun and kind-hearted pretend play, but that all changed when Zackary started Kindergarten. Being around other children that had been exposed to different types of games, Zackary suddenly turned every game into a battle or a competition. I know that my son’s competitive spirit is going to be beneficial to him in life once he learns to temper it a bit, but the way it completely took over his imaginative play was overwhelming! And of course, he taught his little brother how to play the same style of games as well.

Since that time, I’ve made a conscious effort to bring back the helpful, kind-hearted spirit to my boys’ playtime, and that’s why I love the Fisher-Price Imaginext line. These toys encourage helpful imaginative play by focusing on the adventures of Ed Venture and his friends as they become firemen, knights and Dino warriors. And to bring those adventures to life, Fisher-Price recently introduced a new line of webisodes that will have kids eager to act out their own adventures!

Fisher-Price wants to give your child the chance to experience the fun of the Imaginext play sets himself and is hosting a great contest to let your child see just how much fun being a hero with Ed Venture can be! Just visit, play the fun online game with your child and collect nine clues to help Ed Venture save the day. Once you do, you’ll be entered to win one of five fabulous Imaginext prize packs worth $300 containing the Imaginext Rescue City Centre, Imaginext Mega Apatasaurus, Imaginext Eagle Talon Castle and Imaginext Batcave!

We recently received the Imaginext Rescue City Centre to check out and I could tell at a glance that it’s a toy Benjamin will play with for hours on end. And I love that the set encourages that concept of helpful heroes that I’m hoping to see more of when my sons play together. From putting out fires with the fire truck and water projectiles to helping sick friends at the hospital, there are so many ways to save the day! If you have a preschooler that loves imaginative play, Imaginext is a great gift choice for the holidays. Grab one of these fun-filled sets for your child and get ready for hours of fun and creative playtime!

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