Girls Get Fancy With Christmas Tutus From Pansy Pie

Every now and then my two oldest daughters, currently 6 and 3, will dig out their collection of tutu dresses and run about the house playing whimsical games.  I really enjoy it because lately they seem to be getting on each other’s nerves a lot and not playing together very well or for very long. But when they put on their beautiful tutus, it’s as though they raise their levels of courtesy and understanding to the way a princess must surely behave.

I don’t recall having a collection of tutus when I was a child, but somehow my daughters have managed to accumulate quite a few and they are always eager for more!  So when the opportunity arose to review a seasonal tutu set from Pansy Pie, we were all excited to see what we would receive. 

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An adorable Christmas-themed tutu outfit arrived in our mailbox that fit my 3-year-old daughter Isabelle.  She was thrilled with the outfit, which included striped leg warmers, a tutu skirt and a Christmas T-shirt.  She put it on and ran around the house referring to herself as “Christmas!”

What I like about this tutu, other than the Christmas theme of course, is the fact that the whole outfit is a collection of pieces that can be worn separately too.  Isabelle can wear the shirt or leg warmers on any given day and then add the skirt to make it really fun and fancy!

While tutus are great for having fun around the house, they are also ideal for special photos.  And when the tutu has a seasonal theme, taking a holiday photo is a great way to capture a special childhood memory.  With Christmas approaching, why not browse the complete collection of poofy handmade tutus at You may just find the perfect one for the little tutu lover in your home!

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