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Travelling to new destinations is always a fun and exciting prospect. But there are times when a day of travel leaves you too tired to find a good place to eat.

Just-Eat.ca helps to address this need. Established in 13 other countries, the company has now entered the Canadian market to help provide hungry people with a quick and easy way to “kick hunger to the curb!”

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The concept is quite simple: there are many great restaurants that lack the necessary time or technology to operate their own online ordering system.

Just-Eat partners with these local restaurants (which include cities such as Saskatoon and Regina) by providing them with an online ordering and delivery system from which hungry consumers can place their order.

So now, rather than being stuck ordering from the same chain restaurants over and over again, you have a whole world of opportunity by choosing smaller restaurants with great-tasting food.

Just-Eat.ca even goes one step further by providing a mobile app from which you can order!

The sign-up process is free and quick. After providing your basic information, the program uses your postal code to determine which participating restaurants are available in your area.

You can fine-tune the results by selecting a particular cuisine, such as Japanese or Chinese. For my review I went with the exotic and chose a local Indian restaurant.

Once you’ve selected one of the available restaurants, you can browse the menu, read user reviews, and view the operating hours. Just-Eat.ca will even let you pre-order from your favourite restaurant before it opens!

The site provides a simple to use menu for ordering that lets users click to choose the items they want, and even goes so far as to include the tip in the bill, making the ordering process a no-fuss experience.

Users can choose to pay with a credit or debit card immediately and let the site securely take care of the payment, or choose to pay with cash upon delivery.

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For people that are new to online ordering, there is even a live chat option available to help users through the checkout process. In my excitement, I did make a mistake in not using the drop down box to switch from the delivery menu to the pickup menu.

Having this option be made a little more prominent on the website would likely be helpful for new users.

My food arrived as scheduled hot and fresh. Using Just-Eat.ca let me experience a new world of choice that otherwise wouldn’t have been available.

And using the mobile app means I can order food on the go, instantly access local options, and even read reviews to help guide my decision and pick a restaurant I’ll love. I can’t wait to use Just-Eat.ca when hunger strikes on my next trip abroad!


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  1. I’d love to try this, but I live in Northern Ontario, and the closest participating restaurant is two hours away. But I’ll definitely try it when I next visit family nearer civilisation :0

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