Get Prepared this Winter with the Achoo by Kleenex Cold and Flu Predictor-Giveaway

Saskatchewan was just hit with its first big snowfall of the winter and that means that the season of shovelling snow, ski pants and sneezes is here once more. For the most part, my boys are quite hearty and don’t get sick too often. But already this year I’ve noticed that Zackary and Benjamin have had a few more flus, sniffles and fevers than they usually do. What can I do to help them stay healthy this winter?

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Kleenex has the answer, with its ingenious new achoo by Kleenex Cold and Flu Predictor. The website tracks illnesses as they’re reported and using the latest Centers for Disease Control (CDC) data and a proprietary forecasting model developed by a global network of professors, top business leaders and highly trained analysts, calculates the risk of illness for the coming weeks.

Currently, my small town is at a Medium risk level, but in three weeks, the chances of illness are expected to increase to a High level. Knowing that, I’ll be able to take extra precautions to help keep my boys healthy. Extra fluids, plenty of antioxidant-rich fruits and vegetables and a daily multivitamin are going to be on our schedule in the coming weeks!

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The website also features great information to help families avoid illness and make it through the occasional cold or flu more comfortably. From tips to help differentiate between colds and flus to a Kleenex Tissue Calculator to help estimate your family’s tissue usage this winter to money-saving coupons, you’ll be ready to face cold and flu season head-on after visiting achoo by Kleenex!

Kleenex wants to help you survive the occasional cold or flu in comfort, so the company is offering one lucky Mommy Kat and Kids reader their very own achoo by Kleenex Cold Survival Prize Pack, a $75 value! Featuring an assortment of Kleenex products and other illness essentials, it will help you fight off that cold in comfort! To enter to win, just visit the achoo by Kleenex website and leave a blog comment about something you learned there.

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Getting sick once or twice each winter may be inevitable, but with a little preparation, I’m hoping to ensure that my boys and I have a minimum number of sick days this winter. And one of my favourite new tools in my mission for good health is the achoo by Kleenex Cold and Flu Predictor! It’s a fun, fast and easy way to ensure that when the risk of illness is high, I’m ready and aware. Check it out for yourself and be in the know when that next cold or flu reaches your town!
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