Your Favourite DIY Fan Will Love Craft Kits from Darby Smart

There’s nothing better than a homemade gift, but a homemade gift can sometimes go wrong too. Pinterest provides endless inspiration for easy crafts and gifts, but just like everyone, I’ve had some Pinterest “fails” when trying to replicate a seemingly easy craft!

darby smart first snow glass ornaments kit

That’s why I love the concept of Darby Smart craft kits. I received a First Snow Glass Ornaments craft kit to test out recently and I was so excited to add a personalized touch to our Christmas tree. Darby Smart kits contain everything needed to create beautiful do-it-yourself crafts and gifts including easy to follow instructions sure to produce great results.

darby smart first snow ornaments

The ornament kit was simple, but so classy. I received six glass ornaments, three shades of Martha Stewart Acrylic metallic paint and a Silver Sakura paint pen. I just poured a little paint into each of the ornaments and shook them until the inside was coated. After they had dried, I used the paint pen to write on the outside of the ornaments. I decided to personalize them with our names for a special touch and they turned out so pretty!

first snow glass ornaments

It was a simple craft that produced beautiful results and I was so impressed by how easy it had been. Darby Smart also offers craft kits suitable for all kinds of other occasions, including customized champagne flutes, decorative pillows and handmade jewellery. If you have somebody crafty on your Christmas list, a Darby Smart monthly TO DIY FOR subscription makes a great last minute gift too. Check out the site for yourself and find Christmas gifts and other projects that will have you crafting like a pro!
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50 thoughts on “Your Favourite DIY Fan Will Love Craft Kits from Darby Smart”

  1. We have a family tradition of making our own Christmas tree ornaments every year. Each year a different family gets to decide and plan that years ornament. Everyone makes their own and takes home some extraordinary memories!

  2. We made our ornaments this year too. The kids had a blast with it, and it was amazing to see the tree filled with their creations!

  3. Those are lovely. My kids are WAY more into decorating the tree then I am, and since we’ve got young children and a dog I’ve had to put away all the nice decorations for the past few years. I’m sure if we made something like this it would really make them feel like the tree was special.

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