Imagination Takes Off with the Fisher-Price Imaginext DC Super Friends Batcave-Giveaway

It’s hard being a preschooler and wanting to play with toys for older children. My youngest son was introduced to various superheroes by his brother, but most of the toys featuring those heroes are designed for older children. That’s why I love the Fisher-Price Imaginext line. Not only does it feature all kinds of great imaginative and interactive play sets for preschool children, there is even a special DC Super Friends line featuring popular superheroes!

fisher-price imaginext batcave

Benjamin has always loved Batman, so I especially favour the Batman-themed play sets. The Imaginext DC Super Friends Batcave set features two figures, accessories and special activation discs that trigger effects in the Batcave for hours of entertainment. There’s even secret walkways, an elevator and a jail! And kids will love helping Batman zoom around to save the day on the Batwing motorcycle.

If you have a little superhero at home, you won’t want to miss this giveaway! Fisher-Price is very generously offering one lucky Mommy Kat and Kids reader their own Imaginext DC Super Friends Batcave, a $40 value! To enter to win, just leave a blog comment about one of your favourite features on this play set.

Fisher-Price Imaginext sets are so perfectly designed for preschoolers and I love how much detail goes into making the play sets engaging for young children. These sets make a great Christmas gift, so grab one for your little one and inspire their imagination as they play!

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133 thoughts on “Imagination Takes Off with the Fisher-Price Imaginext DC Super Friends Batcave-Giveaway”

  1. at 2 my son decided he loved spiderman. no idea where this came from as he had a petshops and pony playing big sister. but like you said it’s all geared to a more school age kid. I was so excited to see imagnext and so was he. He turned 3 yesterday and anyone asking what he wants for Christmas or his bday I’ve told. look for the superheroes in the yellow boxes. he found them one day at the store and it was the first time I hadn’t been able to get him to leave a toy section. yesterday he got a batman set with a helicopter and I think it’s called mr freeze in a jet. he slept with it. he’s so in love and I’m happy to finally feel safe giving him these kind of toys.

  2. Turn figures on activation disks throughout the Batcave to open the Batcomputer & extend walkways, flip up the Batwing, and open & close the front door

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