Decorate Your Home for the Holidays with 3 Easy Christmas Craft Ideas

White Christmas Tree | Jolly Stocking Ornaments

Holiday Mason Jar Card Display

Christmas is my absolute favourite time of year and I love adding a homemade touch to my holiday season with Christmas craft ideas and other homemade items.

While store-bought treats and decorations are nice, there’s something especially heartwarming about making Christmas treats, crafts, and presents myself whenever possible.

Of course, as a mother, I’m usually incredibly busy, so the homemade touches I add to Christmas have to be ones that are quick and easy. Here are my top three easy Christmas craft ideas:

White Christmas Tree

white christmas tree decoration

Holiday decorating doesn’t get any easier than this! Just use white spray-paint to coat a few tree branches and then mount them in a pail or pot filled with gravel. Decorate the trendy tree with sparkling metallic ornaments for a look that is fresh and modern, but still festive. I created my own ornaments by covering foam eggs with chrome paint and adding wire hangers for a quick and stylish display, but store-bought ornaments will work just as well too.

Jolly Stocking Ornaments

stocking christmas ornaments

There’s no need to buy ornaments for your tree when making them is so fun and fast! Just print this Stocking Ornament Template and trace the stocking shapes onto craft foam. Glue a strip of white felt on top of each stocking and decorate as desired. I used 3D stickers and a variety of non-traditional Christmas colours to give these ornaments a unique look and feel. Best of all, the stockings are so easy to make that the kids can get involved too!

Holiday Mason Jar Card Display

airwick card display

Old Christmas cards get a new look with this easy display that’s perfect for an entryway or end table. Just slip Christmas cards into jars of various sizes and group them together with sprigs of greenery. For an extra special touch, add a candle in a sweet scent like Baked Apple Strudel. The light will help highlight the card display and the inviting scent will have everybody dreaming of freshly baked Christmas treats.

Adding these little homemade touches to my holiday décor doesn’t take much time and it helps create the warm and inviting atmosphere that I want my house to have during the holidays. Creating easy Christmas crafts for my house is my way of sharing my love of the season and the spirit of peace and harmony it embodies with everyone that walks through the door.

Give these ideas a try, and if you discover you’re a fan of creating your own decorations, check out these 25 cute and simple holiday crafts as well. You may discover you never need to spend a dime on store-bought decorations again!

Easy Christmas craft ideas

44 thoughts on “Decorate Your Home for the Holidays with 3 Easy Christmas Craft Ideas”

  1. I really like your little homemade stockings. We love to do little crafts. We made some salt dough ornaments yesterday. (Mostly heart shaped).

  2. Elizabeth Matthiesen

    some lovely ideas here. The twig decoration one made me think of the Easter decorations in Germany. There twigs (often apple blossom) are put in a vase with water and decorated eggs hung from the branches. That looks really pretty too.

  3. I love the stocking decoration. I still have several of the decorations that Sara made in school and we hang them on the tree every year.

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