Protect Your Lips from the Cold with New Softlips Watermelon Lip Conditioner-Giveaway

Saskatchewan winters are cold, snowy, windy and, more than anything, dry. And that dry cold wreaks havoc on my skin and hair each and every year. I can put up with dry skin and hair if need be, but the one thing I simply can’t tolerate is dry, cracked lips. And in this province, that means that I need lip balm in my pocket as soon as the first snowflakes start to fall.

I have a few favourite brands, but one I hadn’t tried, despite its wide popularity, was Softlips. So when I got the chance to review the brand new Softlips Watermelon Lip Moisurizer, I couldn’t resist. Softlips Lip Moisturizer is enriched with Vitamin E and contains SPF 20 to help protect lips against the elements.

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I love the taste of watermelon, so I couldn’t wait to test out the new flavour. The lip moisturizer glides on nice and smoothly and the watermelon scent is really noticeable. But while the balm had the flavour and scent of watermelon, it wasn’t sweetened, which is something I really appreciated. I’ve consistently found that sweetened lip balms dry out my lips instead of moisturizing and that’s never something I want!

Do you love the smooth, nourishing moisture of Softlips products? The company is very generously offering one lucky Mommy Kat and Kids reader a fabulous Softlips prize pack containing an assortment of Softlips products, a cosmetics bag and a mirror, a $50 value! To enter to win, just visit the Softlips website and leave a blog comment about which variety of Softlips is your product.

I love the great flavour of the new Softlips Watermelon Lip Moisturizer and so far it’s done a great job of keeping my lips soft and nourished in the cold winter weather. With so many different varieties of Softlips products available, you’re sure to find one that you love!
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