The Ninja Ultima Blender Has All the Power and Versatility a Home Cook Needs

One of the easiest ways to eat healthier is to prepare food at home, and now Ninja blenders are taking that concept to a new level by making it easier than ever to prepare all kinds of healthy and delicious foods at home. Recently I received the Ninja Ultima Blender to review and I could tell that it would become a kitchen essential in no time.

ninja ultima blender

The Ninja Ultima has a few features that set it apart from the competition. One of the best and most original features of this blender is dual-stage blending that features both total crushing blades at the top for crushing fruits, vegetables, nuts and ice, and high-speed cyclonic blades at the bottom for liquefying ingredients. The pro-variable speed means that the blender is capable of everything from gentle blending to nutrient-complete juicing. No wonder it’s such a sought-after kitchen appliance!

My favourite feature of the Ninja Ultima is its ability to grind, crush and puree so efficiently. There aren’t many blenders capable of turning peanuts into peanut butter or carrots into carrot juice, but the Ninja Ultima Blender does it with ease. Of course, that also means that this is a great appliance for anyone trying to add more fruits and vegetables to their diet since creating quick and delicious smoothies and juices is so easy!

Even in the short week that I’ve had it, I’ve seen for myself how versatile of an appliance the Ninja Ultima Blender is going to be for my kitchen. And with a 1500 watt, 2.5 HP motor, it has the professional-level power to handle any job I have for it! If you’re shopping for a health and fitness fan or a culinary creator, the Ninja Ultima Blender is sure to please. Best of all, it costs hundreds less than comparable blenders! Take a look at the Ninja Ultima’s unique features for yourself and see how it could change the way you prepare food at home forever!

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26 thoughts on “The Ninja Ultima Blender Has All the Power and Versatility a Home Cook Needs”

  1. Sounds great. My issue with blenders is always the clean up. Depending on what you make and how often. Such as smoothies. This makes it look simple!

  2. My sister has this blender and you are so right, it is the blender of all blenders. My next one will be the Ninja Ultima!

  3. We grow a huge garden, thus I process a lot of produce. This would be so handy for processing large amounts of produce quickly! I think I would love this! :)

  4. I have heard so many great things about this blender. The next one we buy it’s going to be a Ninja for sure!!

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