Pledge to Snack Healthy in 2014 with Taste of Nature Food Bars

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For the most part, I eat fairly healthy. I love fruits and vegetables, eat plenty of lean protein and healthy fats and limit heavily processed foods. But I do have a few weaknesses and one is chocolate. I have a bad habit of reacting to that dreaded afternoon slump by immediately reaching for a few of my very favourite chocolates and a cup of coffee in an attempt to perk myself up. Of course, it’s a very temporary fix and by early evening I’m usually battling exhaustion again.

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But Taste of Nature wants to change all that for me by asking Canadians to Take the Pledge to Snack Healthy in 2014! In a recent survey conducted by Taste of Nature, almost half of Canadians felt that replacing one snack per day with a healthy alternative was a manageable way to live a healthier lifestyle. But nearly three-quarters of those surveyed said that great taste was essential for satisfying a snack craving. That’s why Taste of Nature bars are the perfect solution!

Made with 100% certified organic ingredients, these gluten-free, non-GMO Project Verified food bars are available in a baker’s dozen of scrumptious varieties: California Almond Valley, Brazilian Nut Fiesta, Quebec Cranberry Carnival, Niagara Apple Country, Argentina Peanut Plains, Nova Scotia Blueberry Fields, Canadian Maple Forest, Caribbean Ginger Island, Himalayan Goji Summit, Mediterranean Pistachio Passion, Persian Pomegranate Garden, Polynesian Coconut Breeze and Louisiana Pecan Parade. The snack bars are packed with fruit, nuts and seeds, are vegan and taste incredible, making them a perfect way to avoid the afternoon slump while still enjoying a snack that tastes great. I headed to the Taste of Nature Facebook page and signed up to take the pledge myself: for the next year I will be replacing my beloved afternoon chocolate with a Taste of Nature bar or another healthy snack option.

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Seven days later, I am so happy I did! The first few days were a little hard just because afternoon chocolate was such a habit, but Taste of Nature bars are so delicious that having one instead still feels like a treat. And by the fifth day, I’d noticed a huge difference in my energy levels. I still get a bit of a slump in the mid-afternoon, but a Taste of Nature bar helps me feel charged up without crashing a few hours later. I’ve actually been more energetic about making supper for the boys lately as a result of this simple switch!

Taste of Nature doesn’t just want to inspire Canadians to snack healthy, the company wants to reward you for it as well! That’s why when you visit the Taste of Nature Facebook page and take the pledge to snack healthy, you’ll be entered in a daily draw for a Pledge Prize Pack of a yoga mat and Taste of Nature bars, a $55 value! The daily draws are taking place until February 28, 2014, so there are plenty of chances to win!

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But that’s not all! To celebrate Canadians’ desire to snack a little healthier, the company is also offering an incredible giveaway for Mommy Kat and Kids readers too! One lucky reader is going to win a Taste of Nature prize pack containing Taste of Nature bars and new workout gear to help you live a healthier lifestyle, a $200 value! To enter to win, just leave a blog comment about which variety of Taste of Nature bars you’d most like to try.

Adding a healthy snack to my diet each day is an easy switch to make, but I’ve been finding that it’s one of those small changes that has a snowball effect on my life. Because I have more energy in the evening, I put more effort into creating a healthy dinner. I also tend to go to bed a little earlier, which means I wake up with more energy. And making one positive change has left me inspired to make more! Visit the Taste of Nature Facebook page and make the pledge today to help you live a healthier lifestyle all year long!
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