Help Your Child Give Up Their Pacifier with the Susy the Soother Fairy Book Set

Neither of my boys used a soother when they were younger, but with five young nieces and nephews in the family (and another one on the way), I have seen for myself how well a pacifier works for some babies. Of course, I’ve also seen how frustrating it can be for both parents and children when the time comes to stop using the pacifier, and watching the struggles some parents go through was enough to convince me that skipping the soother was a wise move for me!

Then the mother of one of my oldest son’s friends told me about the story she had used when the time came for her son to stop using a pacifier. Similar to the story of the tooth fairy, the concept was that her son would leave his soother out for the fairy and she would take it away and leave a “big boy” toy behind. It worked perfectly and the pacifier vanished without any fuss or sorrow.

susy the soother fairy book

That’s why I immediately fell in love with a new book that illustrates this concept and creates a fun-filled ritual for saying goodbye to the pacifier once and for all. Susy the Soother Fairy is a simple and beautiful board book that outlines the story of the Soother Fairy to prepare children for giving up the pacifier and entering the world of big kids. The book also comes with a little green bag called Susy’s Magic Sac just like the one pictured in the story, so that children can tuck their pacifiers inside and leave it out for Susy.

The set is available for just $14.50 and is a great way to ensure that your child’s transition away from a pacifier goes smoothly. But for even more fun, the Susy the Soother Fairy website has some fabulous bonus materials to make the event even more special for your child. Download the fun Susy the Soother Fairy song or register your book to get a personalized, printable letter from Susy personalized for your child!

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While my boys never needed to have Susy come and visit, I know plenty of parents that will appreciate having Susy visit their children someday, and this cute little book makes a potentially difficult time for a child so much easier. If your little one uses a soother, check out this fun little book set for yourself and let your little one send their pacifiers off with Susy!

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36 thoughts on “Help Your Child Give Up Their Pacifier with the Susy the Soother Fairy Book Set”

  1. What a great idea for a book. And only $15. My hubby and I were just discussing last night, that it’s about time we start to think about the pacifier making a disappearance. So having the fairy come take it away would be great!

  2. I checked out the Suzy the Soother Fairy website at and liked that you can “Register your Book to Susy” and when you register, you receive a personalized and printable letter from Susy making this experience even more real!

  3. I learned that Susy is the fairy that comes to your house and takes away the soother/pacifier and replaces it with a present or a treat.

  4. I am entering your giveaway.
    It would be great to win the Susy the Soother Fairy book set.
    In response to your requirement to leave a blog comment about something
    i liked on the Susy the Soother Fairy website.
    I liked that you can share your testimonial about this book.
    Thank you for having this giveaway!!!!!!!!!!!!

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