Making Lifelong Memories with Beaches Vacations for Families

When my boys and I visited the Beaches Negril resort in Jamaica this past December, we had a first-hand look at what makes this destination so special.

Tons of fun activities for kids and plenty of luxurious relaxation for parents is made even better by the company’s commitment to bettering the lives of the people in nearby communities through the Sandals Foundation. No wonder so many people choose a Beaches vacation when it’s time to travel!

sesame street beaches mardi gras
The Sesame Street characters in brand new Mardi Gras outfits to celebrate the ten-year partnership with Beaches Resorts!
boys big bird beaches resort
Benjamin was a little nervous about getting too close to Big Bird. He really is big!

But one of the other things that makes Beaches vacations for families so magical is the company’s partnership with Sesame Street.

The resorts are celebrating its ten-year anniversary of the partnership this year and when our family visited Beaches Negril, we saw first-hand just how many different ways there are for the Sesame Street characters to add to the magic of your child’s vacation.

nightly sesame street show
Daily activities and nightly shows featuring Sesame Street friends are included as part of the resort experience!

sesame street elmo beaches resort
Zackary and Benjamin having a little fun on the beach with Elmo!

While the Sesame Street characters are often seen walking around the resort and interacting with children, there are also special, more exclusive chances to interact with Elmo, Big Bird, Oscar the Grouch and all your other favourite monsters.

Our first experience with a Sesame Street friend was when my boys got the chance to take part in the From Trash to Treasure with Oscar the Grouch activity. Oscar dropped in at the beginning to help get kids inspired and then came again at the end of the activity to see how the kids had turned trash into treasure. My craft-loving boys had a blast making special treasures for family back home. And best of all, this activity is free for anyone staying at the resort!

night night sleep tight grover beaches resort
Zackary and Benjamin had so much fun getting ready for bed with Grover!

Beaches vacations for families also offer some more exclusive Sesame Street encounters and one of my personal favourites was the Night Night Sleep Tight experience. The resort set up a bedtime experience for our family and I have to admit that when I was asked which character we would like to drop by and tuck the boys in, I encouraged my boys to pick Grover, one of my own favourites! After a fun night at the resort, we headed back to the room and got ready for our special visitor to arrive.

family bedtime grover beaches resort Kathryn Lavallee
Okay, I admit it. I had just as much fun as the boys!

The Night Night, Sleep Tight with Sesame Street is such a fun little experience for a child. Grover cuddled up in bed with the boys while one of the resort employees read a bedtime story. Then the boys sang a song and said a bedtime poem before getting tucked in and having Grover say goodbye. As an added bonus, Beaches Negril even sends one of the resort photographers along to take pictures of the special experience.

sesame street character breakfast beaches
The entire table has a Sesame Street theme at the Character Breakfast, and every child gets a sippy cup, finger puppet and party hat too!
sesame street character breakfast food
Breakfast was extra special with funny-face muffins, fancy carved watermelons and Sesame Street party decor!

There are many other included Sesame Street experiences on Beaches vacations for families, including a Super Science Fair with Grover, Baking Cookies with Cookie Monster and Story Time with Elmo. But one of the all-time most popular experiences is the Sesame Street Character Breakfast.

This event is one of the few experiences that has an extra charge, but with a cost of just $12.50 per person for a family of four, it is well worth it! We were lucky enough to have our breakfast set up on the beach and with treat bags, decorations and a very special kid-friendly breakfast, it was one of the highlights of our trip.

oscar character breakfast beaches resort
Oscar the Grouch stopping by to say hello during the Sesame Street Character Breakfast!
cookie monster beaches negril
Cookie Monster sneaking up to give Zackary a big hug!

Of course as we ate, we had the chance to visit with all the Sesame Street characters as they dropped by one-by-one to say hello. The wonderful thing about the character breakfast is that all of the characters come to every single table to give hugs, wave hi and post for pictures. I may just have been more excited than my boys when I got to take a picture with my very favourite Sesame Street friends, Burt and Ernie!

kathryn lavallee beaches sesame street burt ernie
Meeting the heroes of my childhood was just as exciting for me as it was for my boys!
zoe sesame street character breakfast
Benjamin was a little shy of Zoe, so he cuddled up with me for a picture!

When it comes to giving children a vacation to remember forever, Beaches Resorts is a leader thanks to its partnership with Sesame Street. Three months later, my boys still talk about their experience at the resort and how much fun they had with the characters from Sesame Street. And as someone that grew up watching the show, I must say that the experience was just as magical for me. If you have a Sesame Street fan in the house, planning that Beaches vacation for families is a way to ensure that your trip creates memories that will last a lifetime!

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  1. All I have to say is, I don’t know who would have more fun, the kids or me??!! lol I love all the pictures!!!! Especially getting ready for bed with Grover and all the fun shows, that is so awesome!!

  2. This looks like so much fun – except I think my kid would freak at having one of the sesame street characters in bed with her! LOL!

  3. This sounds like so much fun. Something you think of happening at Disney but not other resorts. This place just gets better and better :-)

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