Help Kids Keep Track of Their Gear with Bright Star Kids Name Labels

Now that my youngest son is in pre-Kindergarten and preparing for Kindergarten in the fall, he has a lot more things for me to keep track of.

So I have to put a little extra effort into making sure that all his supplies come home again. I’ve been using customizable labels for a few years now and so I was excited to test out the labels offered by Bright Star Kids.

These labels come in a variety of different options for different needs and I ordered the Mega Name Labels Value Kit for Benjamin.

This kit contains everything a parent needs to label almost anything of a child’s. Containing 345 labels of different sizes and types, it’s a great value too.

The labels are quick and easy to customize by choosing a colour, a font and an icon. I decided on blue labels with the simple Kiddie font and an alien in a UFO icon for my youngest son. Less than two weeks later, the labels arrived and I was ready to start personalizing some possessions!

bright star mega value name labels

With Zackary’s clothing, I’ve always avoided using iron-on labels since so many of his items get passed down to Benjamin. But my youngest son’s clothing generally gets worn out by the time he’s finished wearing it, so I was more willing to use iron-on labels for him.

And after losing a scarf at pre-Kindergarten once this winter already, it was clear that his gear could use the identification too!

One of the fun things about the labels from Bright Star Kids is that the company makes identifying the different types of labels incredibly easy.

Coloured labels are stick-on labels. White labels are iron-on labels. I liked being able to know which label I was grabbing in an instant thanks to the simple system.

The package also included transfer paper that is placed between the iron and the label to properly transfer the label to clothing. In just minutes, I was able to label Benjamin’s entire set of spare school clothes!

bright star labels in boots

The company’s shoe labels feature a clear plastic cover that goes over the printed label, something that is essential for making sure the colour and text don’t wear off a label due to dirt and sweat. Benjamin’s school shoes were already labelled but I put labels on his his winter boots as well.

I decided to put them on the tongue since Benjamin wouldn’t be able to see the labels in the bottom of his boots anyways. I was worried about whether they’d hold on the fuzzier fabric, but the labels have stayed in place perfectly since I put them in place!

The Mega Name Labels Value Kit also includes large rectangle labels, mini labels and round labels that are perfect for all kinds of school gear.

I love the round labels for Benjamin’s lunch kit and snack containers. And the thin mini labels will be perfect for his markers and crayons when he starts Kindergarten next year! I love that these labels are dishwasher safe and washable, and their durability so far has been amazing. Best of all, the labels are easy to use and fun for kids too!

bright star labels on lunch container

These labels are cute, easy to customize and so useful for a forgetful child. Bright Star Kids has plenty of other fun customizable products too, from baby and kids clothing to wall stickers and canvas wall art.

Why not check out the selection and personalize some essentials for your children? Whether you want to help keep track of school supplies or redecorate your child’s room, Bright Star Kids makes it easy!

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