A Family Night Out with the Harlem Globetrotters

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From the time I was a child, I was fascinated by the Harlem Globetrotters. Their talent and high energy was so appealing to me and even before I fully understood the game of basketball, I wanted to see them in action.

I never did get to see a game in my youth but luckily for me, I recently got the chance not just to take my boys to a Harlem Globetrotters game, but also to take part in a “meet and greet” photo session with one of the players!

hacksaw and benjamin harlem globetrotters
Benjamin and Hacksaw chatting at the game!

The PTPA Award-Winning Harlem Globetrotters are fan favourites with good reason. I knew from watching clips of their performances that I could expect to see some hilarious antics and some truly amazing basketball moves.

What I didn’t realize until going to my first game was just how much the Harlem Globetrotters genuinely love performing and interacting with kids. From the minute the announcer directed us backstage for our photo session, every player that we saw was just as excited to be there as the kids watching.

harlem globetrotters regina saskatchewan
The Globetrotters hit the court!

We chatted with Hacksaw, took a quick photo and went to find our seats for the game. And it was a game to remember! The Trick Shot Challenge periods were easily the highlight, and both the first and last periods featured this unique twist on traditional basketball.

When a coach threw out the Trick Shot Flag, gameplay was paused and the coach would give the players a chance to perform a specific trick shot. From making shots while facing backwards to spinning the ball between the legs and bouncing it off the head into the basket, there was plenty of talent to impress my boys!

But amusingly, one of Zackary and Benjamin’s favourite moves was the classic rebound shot when one of the players would throw the ball for another to grab and slam dunk!

globetrotters antics regina
Teasing the referee is a favourite Globetrotter pastime!

The game was a close one but the Harlem Globetrotters came out victorious and there was plenty of fan participation throughout as audience members were pulled onto the court to perform trick shots and take part in challenges.

The interactive aspect of the show was one of my favourite things about it and seeing how much fun the audience members had as they took part was absolutely heartwarming.

globetrotters signing autographs
Even signing autographs, the Harlem Globetrotters are having a blast!

After the game, it was time to meet the players and get some autographs! My boys had each chosen a souvenir before the game started; Zackary decided on a hat and Benjamin chose a stuffie of the Harlem Globetrotters’ mascot, Globie.

They were so excited to get their gear signed and managed to get the entire team’s autographs on their souvenirs, while I got a few extra pictures!

boys with globie harlem globetrotters
Zackary and Benjamin with the Harlem Globetrotters’ mascot, Globie!

Heading home that night, both boys were bouncing with excitement and I was almost as giddy as they were. Being able to finally fulfill one of my childhood wishes by seeing the game with my boys was something that I’ll remember forever and the experience was just as much fun as I had hoped it would be.

So check the website to see if there’s a show near you and take your family out for a night of entertainment with the most famous basketball team of all time!

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  1. looks like a fun time! We went to see the Raptors for the first time this month and I was surprised by how well the boys watched the game and hung in to the end! I bet they would love this even more!

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